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   Chapter 20

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Vernon was nice enough to order as well as pay for the yellow taxi that took me to my destination. It turned out that Travent Corp was headquartered in New York City, so the drive to Miami would be quite expensive. Knowing what I have to do in the future, I didn“t hold any reserve letting him pay this extravagant amount.

It was a long drive as I began to wonder what would happen when people saw me. If it would mean anything to anyone other than Bailey. I wonder if my own parents would acknowledge my presence now.

The car drove up to the large high school as it dropped me off near the front door. I walked the halls of the school knowing it would be empty. Graduation should be starting at this moment. The memories I had of this place, I wasn“t really fond of it.

I walked to the roof noticing that the entry was now locked. It would seem that the school no longer allows students access to the roof.

Knowing that I wasn“t allowed access didn“t feel right to me. So I used some of the strength afforded to me and forced my way through the door. Needless to say, the lock and handle were in hundreds of pieces on the floor.

I walked the roof looking specifically for the location where I jumped off. I found it properly fenced up with a more reinforced type of wiring.

It would seem the school has been trying to do something in regards to keeping the public settled. However they still were not in my good graces. I walked down to the school hall feeling a little agitated to the situation.

That was until I heard the announcement coming through the doors. It was the old principal of the school announcing the valedictorian speech that Bailey would give.

I slowly opened the doors ensuring that no sound was made. Just to keep the atmosphere of the situation going and to sate my interests, I wanted to hear her speech. And I had a faint doubt about what would happen if she saw me too early.

I heard the faint rustling of papers and I knew she was now standing by the podium.

"Teachers, parents, students." She started in way of a greeting. She sounded just a beautiful as she did in game. I wonder how much her appearance reflects the same. "These long few years have finally come to an end. We have enjoyed, we have cried, we have persevered, and we have survived. The experiences we have gained will guide us in our futures. The times we have enjoyed will become our treasured memories.

"The future should not frighten us as we have won the battle against high school. The future should not frighten us as we persevere against fear and we will come out on top.

"We may have lost much but what we have gained will make us who we are. And as the chicken hatches from the egg, we too will break free of our constraints. To break free and face the future of tomorrow.

"Take with you your experiences. Take with you your joys." At this point I knew she was coming to the end of her speech and I wanted to make it special for her. I walked into the hall and saw the multitudes of parents in attendance. Their entire hall was filled with men in suits and women in fancy dresses of all designs.

At the front of the hall upon the stage sat the teachers for the graduation classes, as well as the principal for the school. Bailey stood at the podium in the black graduation gown with the black hat and golden tassel. Her long curly red hair making her even more beautiful than her character in game. She truly was beautiful. How could I have not s

air of power but after he saw my strength, he seemed to not be able to.

"With all due respect, sir." I began as anger flooded through my system. It wasn“t a strong anger, but it was enough to rattle him. "I came for Bailey, not this." I said as I pointed to my brother who was still on the ground looking up at me shocked.

"Kai!" My father shouted as he shot up from the chair. "You are disrespecting your brother, as well as interrupted the graduation ceremony."

"I advise you to sit down." I told him as I felt my emotions drained from me. This is how I thought I would feel earlier. At this moment I felt nothing towards him. The only thing keeping me from killing him was Bailey“s hand softly stroking my back.

"How dare you talk back to me." My father shouted as he clenched his fists. "I am your father!" He said as if it meant anything to me at this point.

"You sold me to Travent Corp." I told him lacing my voice with venom. As I said this, I could hear the gasps come from the everyone in the hall. It would seem that none of them knew what my father and mother have done. "You have already lost the right to call me your son." I watched as his expression faltered. He didn“t have the same confidence as he did before.

"Sir, is this true?" The principal said with disgust leaking into his tone. My father however just kept quiet. How could he tell the truth in a public forum? Yet he could not lie as he was too busy giving me an evil look. "It would seem that it is." The principal continued as his expression changed into one of seriousness. "I will have to ask for you and your wife to leave this moment. As well as take your only son, Gareth, with you. He is hereby expelled from this school."

"You can“t do this!" My father shouted as he turned to the principal. His tone taking one of anger and concern. "You have no right!"

"I have the right to provide a healthy learning environment to all students. I have the right to ensure a healthy impact on the same. Your way of doing things is not allowed within this school. And if you have been able to act this way towards your own flesh and blood, then the things you have taught your other son, Gareth, are now in question. I cannot allow for either to tarnish this school any longer." The principal said with a harsh tone. "Please leave."

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