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   Chapter 19

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Where am I? Kai thought to himself. The room looked to be a properly kitted hospital room, yet there was some equipment that did not belong. Some he found was for the helmet harness on his head that was familiar to him. He has known of this contraption before. But where? Where has he seen it before.

He unclipped the harness from the strap underneath his chin and slowly moved the harness off his head. The headache he felt, seem surreal to him. It felt as if he was alive again. As if he was in his own world. He sat up slowly on his soft double bed, which was the oddest thing in his room.

Why would there be an actual bed if it is a hospital room? Kai thought to himself. He needed to make sense of his surroundings.

He searched within himself and felt the familiar feel of something within him. He tried to stand up but his legs were weak. As he put pressure on them, it felt as if thousands of knifes stabbed through his legs at the same time. He grunted as he leaned back on the bed. He refused to screamed. He needed to remain strong.

As if by some miraculous feeling, his legs began to heal themselves, his skinny legs began to strengthened and regain their shape.He found that after a short while he was able to stand unaided.

The one thing in the back of his mind was not this strange hospital room, but rather where the doctors and nurses were. They should be rushing into the room by now. they should be wondering how he is awake or something along those lines.

He tested out his arms and back before moving onto his basic muscles. He ensured everything was in working order before he left the hospital room. That“s where the first hiccup came in.

As he exited the door, a young nurse with shoulder length straight black hair, dark brown eyes, and full red lips stared at him shocked. She wore a soft pink uniform while holding a steel clipboard with her left arm. She stared at him for a few seconds before she fell to the floor unconscious.

She actually fainted at the sight of him. Was him waking up that much of a shock?

He walked down the white hallway trying to figure out where he was when he came upon a few rooms that house what looks to be a multitude of server boxes. All the rooms were sealed with biometric locks on the doors. This was not a hospital. He faintly remembered KnightDemon telling his that Travent Corp bought his unconscious body, so maybe that“s where he is.

He walked for another few minutes, when he passed a reflective window that showed his appearance similar to that of a mirror. Although the reflection was not as strong, it served its purpose.

He found he now had hair that reached his lower back and his eyes now shone a brilliant crystal blue. He didn

es. I assume you are going to look for her." He said as he shifted to his left and gestured for Kai to follow him.

"Correct." Kai said as he followed behind Vernon. "Where is she?"

"Should be on the way to school. Its graduation day." He said with a soft chuckle as if it held humour that Kai could not see. "Since you were out of the picture, she became valedictorian, yes?"

"She should have been." Kai replied as he followed Vernon into a conference room on the far right of the floor. In the room there was a black suit, white buttoned shirt, and a thin black hairband. Kai quickly dressed noting that Vernon even ensured a pair of black briefs.

He tugged on the suit jacket ensuring it fit well before he attempted the hairband. At this point he knew he was at a loss. He had never worn one, nor has he seen one been put on. He left his shirt untucked as well as the top two buttons loose.

He walked out of the conference room with it still in his hand. he found Vernon waiting for him outside of the room with a lady dressed in a pale grey woman“s pants suit. She had dark brown hair that was tied in a ponytail with two columns of hair framing her face. Both her and Vernon chuckled softly at my expression.

"Here let me." She said laughing as she walked over to Kai.

She pulled his lengthy hair into a column between her thumb and the rest of her fingers. From there she pulled the band over her wrist and onto his hair. She pulled the rest of the hair through and proceeded to wrapped it two more times around his hair.

She ensure he too had two columns of hair framing his face. She pulled the ponytail back slightly and left it hanging down his back.

"There we go." She said with a smile as she walked around Kai and towards the elevators.

"Now I find Bailey." Kai said with a smirk.

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