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   Chapter 18

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The fire that was shot towards truly had me rethinking my decision. I did not expect this monster to be this strong. I took a look at its level to see if I can determine anything, but when I did I found it was an even bigger mistake.

J“Sanguna, The Red Dragon

Lvl: 81

Health: 7651 /

"Dammit!" I cursed as I jumped to the right avoiding the column of fire shooting towards me. I need to go all out if I can even think of destroying something like like.

Chaos Blast after Chaos Blast, I sent towards the spines of the wings, hoping it would disable him enough. My hope was to take each section of his body from him, causing him to limit his range of attacks further.

The blasts did minimal damage but it damage it regardless. little splotches of blood dripping to the ground. I quickly changed my sword into Mj?lnir. I poured my Chaos magic into the hammer, watching it take a swirling black hue. The dragon began to shoot smaller fire balls in my direction, in hopes of ending the battle quickly.

It took me awhile and most of my stamina to finally manage to make it close enough to the dragon. I have been zigzagging across the floor dodging the fire balls, all the while going closer and closer. When I was within five meters of the dragon, I used a sudden burst of speed to quickly dash towards his front left leg.

Once I reach there I used all my strength to bring the hammer sideways towards his knee. The hammer successful impacted with a loud thud followed by a loud snap. The attack managed to break the dragons knee.

It roared in pain as the walls of the open cavern shook from the pressure. Taking advantage of his distraction, I sent a distortion sphere towards the left wing. Successfully trapping it within the carnage of the attack.

I aimed for the tip of the spine in the wing watched as the constant attack tore at the wing as well as the spine itself. The force the dragon used with his wing, managed to dislodge it from my attack. Successfully dispelling it.

I fell back towards the entrance of the cavern when the dragon began to trash with its body. I found it to be far more dangerous to stay within proximity of the beast for far too long.

I quickly downed one of the few mana potions I had left, completely forgetting Ninja who just nonchalantly stood by the entrance to the cavern.

I watched the dragon closely waiting for another chance to have go at his other leg, when all of a sudden a few fireballs crashed in the ground around. The impact shooting me into the wall to my right. The impact drained a quarter of my health as I spat up some blood.

I fell to my knees as I glanced back at

w me aside as I shot into the opposite wall behind the dragon, causing it to indent with my figure. I could feel my body shutting down. When I glanced down I could see some bones sticking out from my arms and right leg. Blood dripped form my mouth and down my chin.

I fell forward, landing only a meter from the egg as the pain within my body double. My vision began to blur as I heard the distinct sounds of an egg cracking. I adjusted my eyesight just in time to witness a small black dragon climb from the egg and waddle over to me. It stuck its head out a few times, using it to poke me. I knew it was sniffing me, but it was so damn cute.

My vision began to blur once more, as I felt the baby dragon cuddle up underneath my right arm and against my chest. If anyone could see us now, it would seem that the I was hugging the baby dragon while we slept.

Before my vision and consciousness completely failed me, I saw a system message show:

Territory Boss #3 Eliminated

2/13 Stages Have Been Completed

Then I saw and felt nothing.

It felt like an eternity waiting in a pitch black hole with no escape. I couldn“t feel, see, smell, or hear anything. It was if I was merely floating within nothingness.

When suddenly a bright light shone all around me, blinding me very quickly. It took a while for my eyes to adjust before I finally had some clue as to where I was now. I just really hope it is not that snowy mountaintop from last time. That place was cold as hell.

Yet nothing I could think of made sense. Instead of the usual things I was expecting, I awoke in a white room with a lot of medical equipment surrounding me. One particular machine with a constant pinging sound, that rose in frequency.

I can“t be here. There“s no way.


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