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   Chapter 17

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I awoke in lying in snow as the headache I currently felt swirled through my head. I rubbed my forehead as I slowly began to sit up. Where the hell am I? The last thing I remember was the cave, then the tunnels, then the kiss, and then... Bailey!

I shot up quickly, completely ignoring my headache as I looked around. Panic filled my gaze before it turned to confusion. Why is there all this snow? Where the hell am I? These questions kept coming back to my mind.

"Don“t worry. She safe." Came a calm smooth masculine voice from in front of me. I looked forward and found a knight with a long flowing white cape, and a set of pure golden armour. He looked to be of high standing and with his long white hair, it would seemed odd for him to not be.

"Who are you?" I asked him as I slowly stood up, never letting my gaze leave his.

"You asked to speak with me. Here I am." The man said and instantly I knew his name. Vernon Perrier-Holland. CEO of Travent Corp. He is finally here.

"Finally." I said as I walked closer to him. And at the same time finding where he brought me. We were standing on a large mountain overlooking the world before us. I could see the cities as they appeared to be minuscule from this position.

"You have a few questions." He asked still no smile nor any emotion came through his voice.

"Yes I do. First off. Why are you doing this to me?" I asked him without looking in his direction and keeping my gaze on the magnificent view before me.

"You tested higher than anyone we have before. Your connection to the system surpassed our expectations, and more to the fact, your parents were the first to actually sign over rights to your unconscious body." He replied honestly as if it meant nothing.

"Then why do this in the first place. I know what you are trying to accomplish. But I don“t know for what reason you need it to happen now." I told him as the knowledge flowed through my mind.

"How do you now all this? We have never made it known to anyone." Vernon said with a concerned expression crossing his face.

"Haha." I laughed softly as I regarded him. How could he predict that the old gods still remained on this planet. That they chose to live out the remainder of their lives here instead of their respective worlds. "Odin granted my his eye of knowledge."

"Odin? As in thee Odin?" Vernon said as confusion filled his voice.

"Yeah, him." I told him as I turned to look at him. "You are aware how all this is most likely to play out?" I said and saw the recognition cross his face. "Ah, you do."

ntain peak, revealing the vast sky above.

The area was large and flat with a stone wall near the end. In front of the wall was an enormous twiglike nest that was formed from multitudes of trees. Atop the nest, sat the reddish egg I was looking for. The egg that would end this silly side quest.

As I took a step towards it a low growl sounded out. Rattling my very core.

"Who dares to trespass in my home?" A large growling voice boomed all around me. It would seem the territory has finally made its way home. "Do you intend to steal my child before it hatches?" The voice added before the sound of huge flapping wings could be heard.

I looked up at the large beast that hovered down to the ground. The magnificence of its shining red scales. The muscles that made it one of the strongest beasts there is. The beast that many would flee with fear. The territory boss within the single digit ranking.

Territory Boss #3: J“Sanguna, The Red Dragon.

I knew this would be a frightening fight, but if I could not beat Th I monster then how would I kill the man who ruled the world?

"My apologies, Dragon." I said as courteous as I could. Even if I had to kill this beast, I could still be respectful. Only because I have always wanted to meet a Dragon. I was a little sad finding out it was only ranked three, as it should have been number one. Of course, I was a little biased. "But we must fight. I have to progress with my mission which unfortunately includes you."

"Then so be it." The Dragon leaned back on its back two legs as it reared its head back. In an instant his head shot forward and an enormous column of intense fire shot in my direction.

I think I made a mistake coming here.

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