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   Chapter 16

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I couldn“t believe that I was acting this way. How could I let my emotions get the better of me? I need to remain strong and I need to keep my head clear. But for the life of me, kissing her felt extraordinary.

As our kiss broke, she slowly opened her eyes letting out a soft sigh. I could feel within me that the sun was beginning to set. I really need to understand the power that Odin bestowed within me. It is getting a little too much if I can tell the suns position from within a cave.

The sound of rocks shifting could be heard echoing through the cave tunnels. But it was the rock wall beside Bailey and I that gave off that loud sound. The entrance that I couldn“t find before was becoming quite evident now. The lowering rock revealed a bright light behind it. A light that was blinding at first yet it soon began shimmer into focus.

Yet I couldn“t find the source. The light seemed to be coming from within the tunnel, but the source still eluded me.

I still felt the pressure of Ninja on my shoulder as I moved in front of Bailey. It didn“t occur to me then, but I later found that I began t refer to her by her real name, instead of her avatar“s name.

I walked into the tunnel slowly, going through any and every memory or thought I had of this cave. I had to tap into Odin“s vast collection of knowledge in order to find out some of the important pieces.

I knew this tunnel would lead us to where we needed to be but I was still unsure as to what we would find along the way.

With Bailey following behind me we began our slow trek through the tunnel opening. Knowing what was awaiting us at the end, I knew something equally as terrifying would be found along the way. I just hope I don“t let Bailey get killed. Although she is still within the range of reincarnating through the game I still felt uneasy about letting her get hurt. What is happening to me?

The tunnel was long and had numerous curves in the layout, yet, nothing came out to attack us. I was beginning to worry due to the fact that no monsters appeared. Something was very wrong here. It flew in the face of all the knowledge I had of this area.

However, that train of thought soon ran out. The tunnel opened up into a circular dome area with tunnels branching off in every direction. The area was about twenty two meters in diameter and roughly eleven meters high. In the middle of the ceiling a bright flame was burning bright, yet the room had a slight chill to the air. The flame, I noticed, had no source. It was as if the flame lit from nothing.

The sound of metal clashing against metal could be heard from the various tunnels all around us.

"Bailey, get ready!" I order her as we equipped our weapons. Me with my Mystos Wrath, sword form, and Bailey with her black iron wood bow which we managed to find as a rare item drop from one of the monsters in her training.

"What is it?" She asked as she nocked a steel arrow with her bow.

"Something is coming. Be ready." I told her softly as I made sure I was in front of her. Soon loud growling could be heard from the tunnels followed by high pitched shouting. Why did this sound so familiar?

Suddenly dozens of green and grey goblins exited through the tunnel entrances all ho

that only two remained they began to launch a barrage of energy attacks towards me with one catching my left leg. I was sent spinning into the wall behind me as I spit out some blood. Whatever this attack of theirs was, it was almost as overpowered as my own.

I slowly got to a standing position as I adjusted my grip on the swords handle. My leg was close to being maimed, but I still had some use left. Although it now had a very bad limp.

"Distortion!" I shouted using the most of the attack. I managed to create two simultaneously as they covered the Goblin Sages. I watched as the half sphere of energy sent a multitude of shock waves throughout their bodies.

I felt my mana decrease heavily as the attack now began to drain my health. What the hell? I thought as I instantly stopped the attack. Why is it affecting my health? Is this what the Chaos magic does?

I looked up and saw that the Goblin Sages were now on their last legs. I sent a thrust of my sword through the chest of the Goblin Sage to my right at the same time the other Goblin sent a blast of energy towards us. I swung the impaled Goblin around as it took the brunt of the attack. The blast sent me flying into the wall behind me as I noticed I was now beside Bailey. She was shimmering red indicating her low health. She was unconscious. Somehow this so called game began to affect her differently than normal.

I lifted my left hand and sent a Chaos Blast towards the final Goblin Sage who was unable to dodge. It was a broken up as I was. My health dropped to a dangerous level as my vision began to blur.

I looked to my left and saw Bailey“s health drop even more. The red shimmer began to change to purple as it indicated that her avatar was about to die. I shifted my left hand over to her body in an attempt to heal her but her health dropped to zero. Yet her avatar didn“t break up. It remained still.

I began to panic as I let the remainder of my power flow through me. I was unaware of what I was about to do as a system message popped up in front of my vision:

RedGlory: Forced Log Out Successful

That was the last thing I saw as my vision turned to darkness.

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