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   Chapter 15

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After a few minutes walking within the forest, I got an idea that would help us pass the time as well as get Red“s level up. We have pass some pretty decent grinding grounds that could prove useful for her.

"Hey, Red." I glanced to my right to see her still walking alongside me. "I have an idea that could prove useful."

"And that is?" She asked as she clasped her hands behind her back as she tilted her head in my direction.

"You are still fairly low level and we can use this time to get your level up." I told her as a soft gleam made itself present within her eyes. It seemed she liked this idea.

"That sounds awesome." She said as she bounced slightly. "Where do we start?"

"Okay. First equip your weapon." I told her and watched as she equipped a red wooden bow with a green string. I didn“t realise that she was an archer. I always assume she would have daggers or something. This makes things a little easier. "Good, so here is the plan."

I began to detail the plan of the grinding that I had in store for her. That we would go for the medium levelled monkeys that are very abundant within this forest. I would go after them to drop their health enough for her to sweep in and steal the kill and the majority of the experience.

It was slow moving at first due to her hesitancy of killing the small cute creatures, but she soon came around. Her accuracy was above average for her level and helped greatly. We kept grinding for the next four in game hours raising her level by twelve. She was now a level 43 Mage-Archer.

I felt my spirits lift slightly at noticing the happy expression plastered on her face as she hugged Ninja close to her. It made me wonder if there was anyone on the outside that helped her within anything. That would give her positive attention for anything really. She just seemed a little too happy within this situation for any other other reason.

After another two hours of travelling we came upon the entrance to a large cave. A cave that I knew would lead us into a dungeon. A dungeon that would prove far more useful than simple grinding.

As we made our way through the long winding tunnels killing any monster we came across, we both began to feel that something was missing. We should have been in the dungeon by now.

I don“t now how I missed the entrance. I followed the knowledge I was given and yet the entrance ended up a rock wall. I don“t understan

still stuck until I get what I need to return."

"You“re planning on returning?" She asked as she stood quickly. "Why? Why don“t you just want to live here. Remain here." Her voice was raising with every sentence.

"Because..." I began but trailed off. Something wanted to confess itself but I didn“t know what. What is my subconscious hiding from me?

"Because What?" She shouted at me as she closed the difference between us. She looked up into my eyes and before I had the chance to stop myself I leaned down and pressed our lips together.

She seemed to be taken by surprise before she leaned into the kiss. To be honest, it was the greatest feeling I had ever known. Her soft lips caressing my own. I broke the kiss as we both stood there in silence breathing heavily.

"Because you are not here." I said softly as I caressed her cheeks in my hands.

"This is not possible." She said slowly opening her eyes. "This is just a game. You cannot kiss in a game. How is this happening?"

I chuckled softly pressing my lips to hers once more, pecking her softly. I let my gaze find hers as I smiled softly about to reveal information that she may not be ready to understand.

"This isn“t a game."


Authors Note:

Hi All,

Given what I have had transpire above, I have opened a romantic influenced ending.

But I would like to hear your thoughts as to whether or not, it should end with a romantic influence or a more realistic/dramatic influence that may or may not contain some tragedy.

Please comment with your thoughts on the matter.

Thanks for reading so far,


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