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   Chapter 14

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"Red." I almost shouted as I quickly walked off the patio and made my way towards her. "We need to leave."

I can“t believe the situation I am in. Why did it have to be me that was chosen? Why couldn“t they just let me be in my world instead of trapping me in this one?

"Why?" She asked as she picked up Ninja and met me halfway.

"I need to talk to KD." I told her as I tried to open my menu. Yet found that I couldn“t. Nothing I did was working. "Dammit!"

"What? Why are you so angry?" Red asked as she made her way closer to me with a concerned expression plastered across her face.

"Nothing." I told her shifting my face away from her so she doesn“t see the angry expression on my face. "Just fast travel us back into town please."

"Why can“t you do it? You did it before." She asked slightly confused.

"Just do it, please." I asked her turning my gaze back to hers.

"Okay." She said as I noticed her left hand raised and interacting with the menu. After a few seconds we found ourselves standing by the town portal. And I have just realised that I have no idea of how to contact KnightDemon without the use of the player menu.

"Hey, Red." I got her attention as she stroked Ninja in her arms. "You don“t have KnightDemon in your friend list, by any chance, do you?" I asked her hoping for the impossible.

"No." She said after a few seconds of thinking. My hopes fell as I rubbed the back of my neck. I need to find out how to reach this guy. "But I do have an acquaintance of his." A relieved look crossed my face quickly before disappearing.

"Please contact him, and let him know that I need to talk to KnightDemon as soon as possible." I told her as I began walking towards the man who sold us Ninja“s egg. Red followed behind me as she messaged her contact.

It took a little while to make it to the store, and when we did I thrust open the door heading straight for the old man behind the counter.

"What the hell did you sell us?" I asked him as an angry expression crossed his face. Yet a smile crossed the old man“s.

"And why the sudden outburst?" He said as I could feel the glare coming from Red. Of course she would not understand. She was not there when this little cat became a god. "Did something happen to the cat?" He said as he glanced around to Red, who held the cat in her arms.

"You could say that." I told him as I placed both hands on the counter. "Just how does a simple cat lik

another mission to figure out but that is a story for another time.

"Hey Red." I said out loud as I kept my gaze on my map. I felt pressure land on my right shoulder and quickly took a look. I saw Ninja“s clear blue eyes looking right at me.

"Yeah." Red said as she came around to my right.

"How close can you fast travel to this location?" I pointed to the black “X“ on the map and then looked up toward her.

"Not close, unfortunately. I haven“t travelled as much as you have." She said in an almost defeated tone. "I can however travel us here." She pointed to a town at least four hours away from my intended location. "That is the best I could do."

"No worries." I told with a soft smile. I noticed the shocked look on her face which confused me slightly. "Why are you looking at me that way?"

"That is the first time I have seen you smile." She said as blush rose on her cheeks. It still amazes me that these little details made it into the game, and when I remembered the knowledge I gained, I realised how. I dropped the smile and closed the map placing it within the storage locator on my right leg. It was the way I stored things now since I had no access to the menu.

Red quickly fast travelled us to the small town and we began our journey. As we walked across the wooden fishing town, I noticed all the inn“s small shops as well as the houses that gave accommodation to the local workers. As we exited the village and entered into the dark forest. I became amazed at the detail of the trees and wondered how long the developers took to create this.

Then I quickly remembered. This isn“t a game.

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