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   Chapter 13

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After I finally managed to revert my sword back into its original form, I made my way over to Ninja, who have reverted himself back to his small cat form. His health was regenerating but it was slow. Far too slow.

I grabbed Ninja and held him in my arms. I fast travelled back into the beginner town and made my way over the potions shop. I bought enough health and mana potions for both a decent stock as well as to get Ninja and myself to a decent state.

Once we were both healthy, I made my way over to the construction guild, with Ninja hanging off my shoulder.

KnightDemon: Dde, th lite was bck earlier. Did u c it?

Dark Stroke: What?

KnightDemon: Tht blck clmn of lite wit red outlining it. It appeared agn within th mntains. Ppl r gng crazy trying 2 figre out wat hppnd.

Dark Stroke: Not my problem.

I walked into the guild and made a straight line for the same guy I talked to last time.

"The bandits are gone." I told him and noticed the surprised expression plaster across his face. Wait a minute. How are the expressions so life like? The destruction engine is in itself noteworthy, but with everything else that is going on, it doesn“t make sense.

"All of them?" He asked with a tone that pervade his concern.

"Yes, all of them. When can you begin construction?" I asked his as I crossed my arms in front on my chest. Earning a hiss from Ninja.

"Right now!" The man said with obvious enthusiasm as he grabbed his bunch of papers and ran out the door followed by a few other of his workers. They seemed so happy to be doing this project. Odd.

Okay, now is the time I go to that old man and find out what is going on.

As I was beginning to set a destination for the fast travel a message from RedGlory came through.

RedGlory: You still there?

Dark Stroke: Yeah.

RedGlory: Where?

Dark Stroke: At the construction guild, why?

RedGlory: Hold on. I will be right there.

Dark Stroke: Okay.

I know it seems like I am giving up quick quickly but I have found it to be easier that trying to get rid of her. And so I waited.

It only took her five minutes to find her way to me. As she reached me, Ninja

e has come. Journey well, Kai. May your hopes come true." He said before his body began to shimmer in a purple haze. Wait a minute. How the hell did he know my real name? That information is supposed to be secure within the server“s database.

His body dissipated into small purple blocks as those to disappeared. In his place there remained a similar Soul Stone like the one from the Wyvern. Instead of blue, it was shining a bright golden colour.

I examined the golden diamond shaped Soul Stone and read the items name. Again the name stopped me dead.

Odin“s Eye

Class: Cannot Be Determined

Suddenly the sword absorbed the stone at the same rate as it did Thor“s. The sword began to shimmer gold before it transformed itself into a large golden spear with a lacework of intricate designs all around the staff. The blade glinted with the sunlight.

I examined the spear wondering of the name that may befit a weapon such as this.

Mystos Wrath

Form: Gungnir

Class: Mythological (Upgraded)

Then it finally hit me. The old man was Odin. The all seeing father.

My head felt as if was about to be split open with the amount of knowledge that was being poured in.

Once I regained my composure, I stood still, too stunned to do anything else. How is this possible? Something like this cannot be real. It cannot be possible.

I finally knew the truth about this world as well as my current situation. I knew it all.

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