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   Chapter 12

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I watched as the Wyvern kept his eyes on me. Watching my every movement. Its clawed wing smacking into the ground as it slowly began to advance towards me.

As I glanced around for any aid against this beast, it leaned back with its mouth closed. As its head lunged forward the powerful jaws opened quickly and shot forth a breath of a mixture between frost and lightning.

I just managed to roll sideways to avoid the blast and watched it crack the walls of the cavern upon impact. I knew if I was hit with that blast I might not be able to survive this fight.

I quickly shot forth a Chaos Blast noticing that my mana was now very low. Maybe two or three more spells and it would be completely empty. The blast shot towards the Wyvern who just stood its ground, taking the impact of the blast.

As the explosion died away the Wyvern flapped its right wing sideways, dispersing of the cloud of smoke. The attack had no affect whatsoever on the beast. What the hell am I going to do if energy attacks don“t work.

The Wyvern lunged towards me with frightening speed as I managed to dive under its swinging wing. I gracefully changed the roll into a sudden stop on my right knee as I swung the sword diagonally upwards striking the Wyvern against its side. Again the attack had no affect. It merely scratched the scales.

The wing swung back and hit me in the chest, knocking the wind out of me. I rolled backwards for a dozen meters before I can sliding to a stop. I quickly made it to a standing position as I shot a Chaos Wave towards the Wyvern. The wave hit it dead on but once more the attack did nothing.

What the hell am I going to do?

I thought back to Red, and began to wonder what she is going to do now. What will Ninja do? I began to wonder about how she and KnightDemon would take my death. Would they even care? Would they cry at my end?

I tried a few more strikes and stabs against the Wyvern, with all ending in failure. In that process, the Wyvern had managed to cut my health by half. I was fighting a losing battle.

With a whip of its tail, I was sent into the cavern walls cracking it beneath the impact. My health dropped considerably and it began to glow red. Is this my end? Is this how I am going to die?

Why can“t I defeat this monster?

Suddenly the Wyvern was tackled by the side and whatever tackled

body pinning it to the ground. As the energy dissipated I found the Wyvern laying in a puddle of dark blue blood watching me intently.

The black energy still swirling around my feet as my eyes continued to smoke from my eyes.

I raised my left arm and opened my palm towards the Wyvern.

"Distortion." I said softly as the distortion wave smacked into the body of the Wyvern. Although I was could within the half sphere, the shock waves seemed to dance around me and smacked into the injured Wyvern.

As the distortion wave slowly began to recede, I watched as the Wyvern shimmered blue and broke into tiny pieces.

In the Wyvern“s place now floated a perfect diamond shaped Soul Stone. It was bright blue with little lightning bolts erupting within it.

I examined the stone and to my surprise the name appeared above it. It was a name I was not expecting.

Soul of The Lost Thor

Class: N/A

The stone immediately began to shake as it zipped back and forth before it shot towards my sword. It was awestruck as the sword absorbed the Soul Stone. The blade of the sword shimmered to a clear blade before it began to lose it shape.

Soon in my hands I held the handle of a double sided rectangular hammer with odd intricate designs lacing itself around all the hammer sides.

I examined my weapon again, wondering what the hell just happened.

Mystos Wrath

Form: Mj?lnir

Class: Mythological (Upgraded)

How the hell did I get Thor“s hammer? I need to talk to that old man in the forest. If anyone knows what is going on, it will be him.


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