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   Chapter 11

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"What do you mean “Winner“?" I asked loudly, projecting the question towards the announcer. "I have only had two fights."

"The judges have deemed you worthy of the title. Due to your strength and the fact you beat the strongest contestant. You have been deemed the Winner." The announcer boomed over the audience.

"That“s bull!" I shouted. If this was my last chance at a life, I wanted it to be as fair as possible. I have already received a gift from the creator, but that is the last one. I do not want anymore handouts. "Why can“t we just continue the tournament to let the other contestants have their fair shot?" I shouted once more.

"That there is another problem within itself." The announcer said as his voice dropped slightly. "The other contestants have withdrawn from the competition. You are by default, due to your overwhelming strength, the Winner of the tournament."

This can“t be happening. Why would they just quit? This is a game to them. They don“t have to worry about losing their lives if they die. I do. Yet they are the ones to quit. My anger began to build within me.

"Fine!" I shouted once more. "Just give me my prize and let me be on my way." As I stated that a pitch black sword with a long curved blade and a round black hilt. The handle was a crisscross of woven fabric with golden diamond patterns beneath the wrappings.

I examined the sword and the title displayed above the sword.

Mystos Wrath

Class: Mythological

Enchantments: +10 Damage, +2 To All Skills, +20 To Agility

I grabbed the sword and instantly placed it within my storage. I would have to test out the sword another time. But first I have some bandits to kill. As I turned to leave, the announcer once again boomed over the audience.

"Dark Stroke! Wait!" He shouted. "What was the weapon class? We have not seen anything like that!"

Without a word I left the arena and walked straight past KnightDemon. Ninja took it upon himself to jump onto my shoulder and hung there content.

I fast traveled to the closest town I could to the bandits hideout and unfortunately it was a ways away. I began to walk with my crimson sword equipped ready for anything to happen. Unfortunately the monsters that appeared were not enough to curb my anger. I mean what could several dozen spiders, a bear, a dozen wolves, and a few lesser basilisks do to aid my anger.

I needed something strong. Something to force myself to exceed my limits and make me work for the kill.

I made it to the bandit“s hideout about two hours after the beginning of my journey. I came upon the mountain that would soon be my home. I could already see why this place was in sights of the bandits. It was basically a fortress.

I made my way through the towering cliff faces that lined the entry to the mine wondering if there was an ambush in w

right. The bandit came to a stop right in front of me with a shocked look on his face. I used the Chaos Blade and aimed it downwards into the ground hoping to hit him as well.

Unfortunately I only skimmed his left leg. He limped away from me with a smile on his face. With a matching smile I lunged for him once more, but he was fast enough to block my attacks. He even managed to launch a few of his own.

Our blades striking each others with loud clangs, exuding sparks with every hit. I finally managed to gain the upper hand as his speed began to lessen. I kicked him in the chest causing him to fly towards the entrance of the mine. Hitting the wall just to the left of the entrance. He fell to his knees as his body began to shimmer red.

I sent a Chaos Blast his wave hitting him in the chest. However, he did not die, instead he fell to the ground limply as the red shimmering began to brighten. I waked over to him and plunged the sword into his chest, causing him to shimmer blue and disappear. Dammit! I thought. He was supposed to be worthy.

I stood still staring at the sky above wondering when I could find someone who fought like Frederick. I needed the challenge if I was going to get any stronger.

Then I realized. Where the hell is Ninja? I looked at my shoulder and didn“t see him. I began to look around frantically until my gaze found him at the entrance to the cavern licking his paw. When the hell did he get there?

As I began to walk towards him, a gust of wind blew all around me, filling the cavern. I had to cover my eyes before the wind died down.

In the middle of the cavern stood an eight meter tall shining bright blue wyvern with backwards curled horns. It was looking straight into my eyes. I looked above his head and saw his level.

Lightning Wyvern


Skills: Lightning

My eyes widened. I don“t think I“m strong enough for that.

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