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   Chapter 10

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Frederick twirled his spear a few times showing his mastery of the weapon. Although those were preset moves done by the game, they still looked pretty cool. The tip of the spear pointed downwards towards my feet as he lunged forwards. Hi hair and mantle swaying behind him.

He was faster than I expected, far more so than any other player that I have met in this game. He closed the distance between us in almost an instant. He brought the spear up aiming for my chest. I brought up my right hand and using my sword a parried it to my left side. Using the momentum I spun around bringing my left foot up and kicking it towards his lowered head.

He just managed to pull back slightly as to avoid being kicked and in the process, taking a few steps back to regain his balance. We both stood up straight, watching, and sizing each other up.

"Would you look at that ladies and gentlemen." The announcer“s voice boomed over the crowd. "Both of our fighters are exceptionally talented. This may be the fight of the two strongest we have in the tournament and they are fighting for your viewing."

Frederick raised his spear to the heaven and instantly the clouds began to form. They blocked out the sun with a dull gray. Lightening began to ripple across the surface of the clouds coming together in a single spot. After a few seconds, the lightening shot down and smashed into Frederick“s spear as if charging the weapon.

He pointed it towards me and the energy released. It shot towards me as a few shards of lightening stuck the ground in the process. This attack was powerful and I didn“t think that just my strength would be able to block this.

I poured my chaos magic into my sword and powered up for one of my newer Chaos skills, the Chaos Blade. With the Chaos magic poured in and with my power up, the Chaos Blade takes the form of my sword and when the sword is slashed, the energy is shot towards the intended target. The problem is that it also destroys the ground along its path.

As my power began to build quickly, I angled my body slightly to the left and brought my right arm up. Point my red sword towards the heavens. The lightening was just a meter away from me when I brought my sword down, unleashing all the energy built up.

A glowing blue outlined dark purple energy erupted forth and shot towards Frederick. As

exact way to do it. One of my other newer skills. One I found to be a little unfair against other players as it does quite a bit more damage than it should.

I brought my right arm up and directing my palm directly towards Frederick. Power began to build up within me. The area around my hand began to distort and crackle as dark blue lightening with dark purple outlines began to dance within the distortion.

"Distortion." I said softly as I shot my power outwards. A line as thick as a basketball shot forth and ripped up the ground. Making its way towards a frightened looking Frederick.

As the power reached Frederick it hit him with a loud thud sending a shockwave outwards pushing up dust. An area in the shape of a two meter diameter half sphere formed around Frederick. The distortion shimmered around Frederick enough to be visible to the naked eye. The attack sent the dark blue lightening inwards hitting Frederick at random intervals as the distortion sent wave after wave of impacts inwards towards him.

He held his head in his hands trying to block out the pain, but in the end the pain won and knocked Frederick unconscious. He fell to the ground limply as my skills dissipated. Everyone in the crowd was speechless. I stood staring at the unconscious body of Frederick for close to a minute before anything happened.

"Holy -" The announcer began before he cut himself off. "We have our winner. Using magic I have never seen before. Dark Stroke. The champion of the tournament!"

Wait what? I have only had two fights? What is going on?

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