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   Chapter 9

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As I walked through the entry way to the arena, the cage door slid upwards as the sound of chains rattling filled the air, soon enough drowned out by the enormous cheering of the crowd. I funneled out the crowd“s noise until only the open sandy area remained within my sights.

Opposite me in the arena walked a fairly large well built man in an animal skin skirt and a fang teeth necklace. His long brown hair hung over his shoulders giving him a feral aura.

We locked eyes and made our way to the center of the arena, waiting for the starting bell. I glanced above his head and noticed his level. To be honest, it was a letdown.



Health: N/A (Arena)

I wonder if his health being restricted has something to do with the arena. Maybe it restricts it make it harder to tell when your opponent is close to defeat.

Gangran equipped who hatchets and twirled them quickly within his hands. He must be a close range combatant with a few close to medium ranged attacks. At the same time I equipped a blood red short sword, named Crimson Edge, that I received during a quest within a volcano a few levels back.

The weapon wasn“t so bad, as it did some fire damage. Which seemed to aid in killing stronger monsters. Now it wasn“t as strong as a weapon dropped by a territory boss but it did the job.

I stood with my left side towards Gangran with my sword in my right hand waiting for Gangran to make the first move.

"Fight!" Came the announcement from the speakers as it was followed by a loud gong. The fight has started.

Gangran quickly threw his right hatchet in my direction and I used my speed to knock it away it away. Gangran seemed to be slightly fazed that I could do that with just my left hand, but he soon snapped out of it.

He charged at me with loud steps hiding his right hand behind his back and left in full view. As he got within striking distance of me he lifted his right hand above his and to my amazement his hatchet was in it. Somehow he retrieved after he threw it. How did I not notice that? It has to be a skill.

He slashed and swiped at me with his hatchet quickly but all he found was air. My speed was too much for him as I dodged all attacks that came my way.

He jumped backwards as soon as he knew he was outclassed. He formed an “X“ with his hatchets and they immediately caught flames. So that must be his element. A huge fireball began to form in front of him as the heat in the stadium began to rise.

Deciding to end the fight quickly, I sped through the fireball just as it was about the launched, exploding it on impact. My left hand shot forward and grabbed Gangran“s neck. The force of the blast and Gangran“s inability to move caused him to take a lot of damage. Still I didn“t know how low his health was, I was just assuming it was low.

In one fluid motion I lifted him slightly hig

ist greatly." I told KnightDemon who gave me a weird expression like I was going crazy. "Hey, can you watch over Ninja while I fight?"

"Ninja?" KnightDemon asked slightly confused.

"The cat." I said as I pointed to my right shoulder, indicating the fluffy white cat.

"Yeah, sure." He replied, as I handed him the cat.

I then made my way over to the arena and walked inside. There waiting for me in the center of the sandy stage was the Paladin, Frederick.

He stood proud and tall with his full set of silver armor that had golden trimmings outlining it. He had a white mantle hanging down his back as his long blonde hair hung down his back. In his right hand he held a cross shaped spear and in his left held nothing.

Before I continued I decided to equip some armor with a little more defense, as this Frederick gives off an aura of power. Maybe I can“t win this, but for now it seems that I want to try.

I equipped my no sleeve black torso armor as well as a pitch black scarf that provided an agility boost to my stats. I further equipped my black lower body armor that held four throwing knifes on the outside of each leg. One my arms and wrists I equipped another set of black steel armor that protected my lower arms, wrists, and the tops of my hands. As for my head I equipped a wraparound helmet that had silver outlines that wrapped all around it. It also had a T shaped cut out in the front to allow for sight.

As for my weapon I equipped my the same blood red blade that I used in my last match. The Crimson Sword of Blight.

As I continued to walk tot he center of the stage Frederick continued to gaze upon me in a shocked expression. I wonder why he would be shocked? I haven“t seen him before today. He must be looking at someone else.

"Fight!" The announcer shouted, leaving out the usual announcement. It seems everyone just wants a fight. And so, they will get one.


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