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   Chapter 8

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Half a day later and I found myself out of the jungle and on my way to the beginner“s town. Why would someone build an arena in that area. Shouldn“t it be in a more higher level location. That way they won“t get the low level players trying to make a name for themselves.

When I finally arrived, I was amazed at how much the beginner“s town has grown. It was at least four times its original size. I guess this game really does allow the diversity of player classes.

I wandered through the city making my way over to the arena. The arena was on the far left side of the city so I had to walk through most of the town to get there.

I was about half way through when I came across four male players surrounding a smaller female player. These four wore what seemed like outlandish equipment giving them a rebellious aura. Shoulder pads with spikes. Mohawks in various colours. Anyone could tell that these guys were up to no good.

I almost decided to walk straight on past like the rest of the people within this section of the town until I noticed who they were ganging up on. RedGlory, the girl who was there when I had my first incident. The girl who stayed by my side when I almost died. She cowered against the walls of a run down building, shivering in fright.

Figuring that I couldn“t just leave her be, I decided to help her. As I took my first step the leader of the little group of gangs lifted up a large double sided ax. RedGlory whimpered as she knew what was coming. It is well known that you can“t die within the beginner town but you can be hurt.

As it still counts as a battle, regardless if it ends in death, the participants can“t log out. This causes some psycological damage to the contestants. Incidents like this makes us appreciate the value of the game itself. To make guilds, and travel in parties. This would limit the individual attacks.

I strengthened my legs and put everything into my speed. I appeared behind the man with the raised axe as lightning bolts shimmered off my body and struck the ground. I grabbed the back of his neck with my left hand and in one fluid motion sent him through a building several blocks down.

The rest of his crew began to take steps back scared of what I might do to them. Typical, once they find someone stronger, all of a sudden they don“t want to fight.

"Dark Stroke!" RedGlory half shouted and half sobbed as she crushed me into a hug. She buried her head into the crook of my neck and held on tightly.

I let her have this mom

k Stroke, Level 44, and Sword Mage." I replied, purposefully leaving out the Chaos part of my title.

"Registered. Next!" The knight said, again in monotone.

Red and I made our way over to the training area where I could get some practice in before the actual fights. While here, we decided to hatch her egg.

Sitting in the corner of the training area, Red placed the egg on the ground and began to pour her magic in. The egg shifted slightly so I decided to experiment a little and poured some of my own magic in. Suddenly it felt as my magic was being sucked into the egg as if by a vortex. Lightning began to sprout from my arms and hands striking the egg.

It shattered into dozens of pieces and in it“s place stood a small pure white cat with the bluest eyes I have ever seen on a cat.

"Ah, Savage." She said in a cooing voice that one would often find in females who have found something small and cute.

"No. You are not calling it Savage. Pick a proper name." I told her as a smile flashed across my face.

"Spoil sport." She told me with a smile. At least she is chippering up. "How about Ninja? Because he can“t hide, anywhere really." She chuckled as she snuggled Ninja into her chest.

"Fine. You“re a mean pet owner, but the name is fine with me." I said just before an announcement was heard over some form of speakers.

"Dark Stroke and Gangran. Please make your way over to the arena to begin your fight." I stood up and made my way over to the arena doors while Red went over to the spectators seats.

I guess this is it. My debut, so to speak. I wonder if I will find strong men to fight. I wonder if someone will force me to use my magic?

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