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   Chapter 7

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It“s been three days since I set out and I have discover a few more things about my in game situation, which include: I never have to sleep, my in game body needs nourishment from time to time or else my health becomes affect, and the map to the game is more open world that I first thought.

Right now I am grinding in a jungle south east from the beginners town. The world map that I managed to buy states that this jungle is a separate region within itself. It“s called the Jungle of Roshenth. The reason why I am here is a quest asking to defeat fifty Vined Flycatchers and retrieve twenty five flycatcher teeth.

They are three and a half meters talks with horizontal heads of varying colour, and multiple vine whips that sprout near its base. This is just one of the many different types of plant wildlife within this jungle. Luckily for me its not the strongest.

When I finally killed the last one and received the last of the Flycatcher teeth I stopped and took a deep breath. I opened my Inventory and took a look at my current stats.


Dark Stroke


Chaos Mage

STR (Strength):

INT (Intelligence):

DEX (Dexterity):

AGI (Agility):

Weapons Skills




Magic Skills

Chaos Wave:

Chaos Blast:


Chaos Blade:

Physicals Skills






Ring of Might (Might + 10)

Enchanting Necklace (All Magic + 5)

Galor Swift (Ring) (Agility + 7)


I thought about looking at the World Map that I bought before coming to this Jungle, but I then I thought different. Maybe I would explore and try to find a way back to the quest giver without looking at the map. This as I would find out later, was the better decision.

After half an hour within that damn jungle, I finally admitted I was lost but hell would freeze over before I decide to use that damn map. I will make it out no matter how long it takes me.

In the distance I spotted one of the strangest things I have seen in this game. An actual log house. This jungle has been tree after tree after monster after tree. Why would there be a house here? It just doesn“t make sense to me as to why someone would build a house here. So I made my way over to the house out of curiosity, completely missing the old man that sat to the right on the porch.

"Who are you?" His voice made me jump slightly. How long had he been there? How come I never noticed him?

"My name is Dark Stroke. Who are you?" I asked the old man as I noticed his han

asked staring blanking at the old man.

"Yes and no. My name is Odin but I was not the King. No, that title belonged to Uranus." Odin replied with another smile.

"But Uranus, was killed by is son, is that why there are new Gods?" I asked trying to get to the bottom of this.

"Oh, dear boy. If Uranus died, how is there still air. The sky. The winds. He was the king of them all and with his death, it would be the end of it all. No, he is still around somewhere. Even I haven“t managed to find him."

"Wow. I don“t know what to say." I responded as I stood there dumbstruck.

"Say you accept the quest, young man. You have a long journey ahead of you." Odin replied with a laugh. "And oh, Dark stroke, is it. The way out of the jungle it due east, that way." He said pointing to the right side of his cabin.

"Thank you sir." I replied with a smile as I begun my way east.


A chat message popped up. It was from KnightDemon.

KnightDemon: Yo, DS, u stl thr?

Dark Stroke: Yes, I am. What do you want?

KnightDemon: Wht wit da hostility?

Dark Stroke: What do you want, KD? I“m trying to get out of a jungle here.

KnightDemon: Jungle of Roshenth, huh? fun tmes. lstn her. trnament in fw days. cme join.

Dark Stroke: Your spelling is really irritating me. And what tournament?

KnightDemon: Dnt care. Trnament in A“Baro. hld wkly. lotta strng pples. gud xp.

Dark Stroke: I“ll be there. Just let me finish this quickly.

I said just before I closed the chat window. Now all I had to do was get out of this jungle and be on my way. The quest for Mj?lnir didn“t have any hints as to where I would find it and the rewards were still unknown. Fascinating, I thought. This quest might just be what I need to focus on.

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