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   Chapter 6

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"Where am I?" I asked the redhead as I sat up. I glanced around me and noticed I was in a smallish room with just the bed, a small round desk to the right with its own stool and a clothes cupboard to the left of the room. the redhead herself was sitting on the stool watching over me.

"You“re in the Giant Wolf Inn in A“Baro, Master." She replied with a smile.

"Why are you calling me “Master“?" I asked her looking towards he direction.

"I have decided to follow you. You are one of the most powerful mages I have seen and I know you are destined for greatness." She replied with another smile.

"Why would you throw away your game life for that?" I asked wondering if this girl has a few screws loose in her head or something.

"It is my choice and I have the faintest indication that if I follow you, it will be more beneficial in the long term than if I ventured out by myself." She responded as she stood up and reached for the water pail on the table.

"You“re weird." I said as I rubbed my forehead. For some reason I have a massive headache. Just what happened to that Golem? I don“t remember. "How did you find me?"

"Oh, I was walking along the mountain top and I found a hole in the ground, so I peered in." She began her story. "I saw the large green tree, the pond, and then I saw you dodging the Rock Golem. You“re quite nimble."

"Thank you." I said a little shaken.

"When I saw the Golem hit your side, I panicked. I didn“t know why, but I felt as if seeing you come to harm hurt me to. Then you stood up and shouted that you want to live and then..." She trailed off.

"And then what?" I asked, intrigued by her story.

"It“s better if I show you." She said just before a Notification popped up within my vision.

New Message From: RedGlory

I opened the message and found a small video clip was within it. I opened the video and watched it not believing what I saw.

The video started when the Golem made his way over to my beaten body. I watched as the blood poured from my body. Odd. Why do I only now realize that I was bleeding. You shouldn“t be able to bleed in a game. That in itself made me worry greatly. I continued to watch as my body stood up struggling to stand still. The Golem approached me and lifted both his hands above his head.

"I WANT TO LIVE!" I heard myself shout as black energy began to swirl around. It was mesmerizing. The amount of speck like stars and colourful galaxy like smudges made the black energy beautiful. Soon shockwaves shot forth from my body cracking the floor and ceiling. My out of control power was bringing down the cave. The Golem stood still from fright.

Suddenly as if it regained its

d to bribe them off. It wasn“t even that large of a sum but they didn“t even try negotiating." He said looking sullen.

"Don“t feel bad, I already expected as much. They never cared for me when I was alive so I don“t expect them to care now. What“s the other piece of information." I told him detached from my emotions.

"Well..." He trailed off thinking. "Hey, did you hear about the territory boss that was defeated this morning? People are saying they say a red outline black light appear near the Fallen Cliff region. Amazing right."

"Don“t try to change the subject. And I already know about the light. Although it wasn“t my fault." I said a little more defensive. "Now tell me the rest."

"Well... It“s kind of hard to say." He let out with a sigh.

"Please just tell me." I almost begged him.

"The creator thinks, well more like thinks he knows that if you die in the game, that it will affect your consciousness on a whole other level than other players. With you being in your state, it will kill you in real life. I“m sorry."

"So I am destined to die in this game all according to the creator“s wishes." I said softly, a little defeated.

"Sorry, what?" KnightDemon asked leaning a little closer.

"Nothing." I said as I began to walk away. "I just need to be alone for a little."

"No worries. Just message me when you ready." KnightDemon said before the blue haze overtook him and he logged out.

"I can“t let it end like this. I cannot fall in line with the creators wishes." I declared to myself as I began to walk away. "I will get stronger so no one will be able to defeat me. I will remain the final boss of the game until the ends of the servers themselves." I said with a smile as I began to travel down the rocky path once more towards my destiny.

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