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   Chapter 5

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I watched as the Lizards began to slowly make their way over to me as if sizing me up. They moved haphazardly, with loud stomping footsteps.

The closest one to me lunged forward, opening its mouth, aiming for my throat. I somersaulted backwards bringing my right foot up kicking it just below its jawline. The attack staggered the lizard as it fell to the ground. Although it wasn“t as much as the other lizard, it was enough. I thrust once more towards this lizards heart and it connected with a soft crunch.

The lizard crumbled into ash as a Notification popped up stating I received 14 EXP and something called Lizard Claw. I would have to find out what that means at a later stage. Right now I need to try not dying.

Thinking of the magic I just upgraded, I decided to use Chaos Wave as a test. I felt sorry for the lizards that they had to become my test subjects, but someone had to do it. I raised my left hand and directed my palm towards the group of lizards in front of me.

"Chaos Wave!" I shouted as a dark purple with a red outline ball of energy began to form in front of my palm. It quickly grew to the size of a melon before it burst outwards towards the intended direction. The energy ball spread outwards if it was an actual wave dealing damage to all it touched.

The ground below it became scorched and cracked seven of the numerous lizards crumbled to dust well the remaining all had red health bars above their bodies.

A Notification popped up stating I had received 112 EXP, 2 Lizard Claws, and 4 Lizard Skins. Once that Notification disappeared, another took its place stating I was now level 2 and that I have received 3 new Skill Points to use.

This spell is far to powerful for a beginner. How did the creator of the game decide I was worthy of this? I stared at my hand which was now giving off a bit of steam before a hissing noise grabbed my attention.

I looked up quickly and saw the level four lizard making his way over to me with the rest of them flanking his sides. Panicking I brought up my left hand again and shouted, "Chaos Blast!"

A ball of purple energy with black swirling through it, formed in front of my palm and grew to the size of a baseball. Within two seconds the ball of energy shot towards the lizards. The level four lizard spun quickly and tried to swat the energy ball away with a flick of its tail but the ball exploded on impact.

The explosion was far larger than I thought it should be as it instantly decimated the lower level lizards and left the level four lizard struggling to stand. Blue blood oozed from its eyes and mouth.

Shocked, I stood there quietly. A Notification popped up stating I had received 311 EXP, 4 Lizard Claws, and 7 Lizard Skins. Another Notification stated I have reached level three and received another three Skill Points.

The lizard was struggling to stay on its feet and after a few seconds it fell to the floor crumbling into ash. I received 56 EXP for that lizard, 1 Tempered Lizard Skin, and a gold ring with a +2 Def enchantment.

Standing there shocked my mind began to wonder at how large my new life could become. If the lower level of this magic is this powerful, I cant wait for the higher tiers.

With me new 6 Skill Points I decided to give 4 of them to Slash, which now inflicted 31 damage and gave off a 3% chance for a critical hit. With the remaining two, I gave to strength which allowed me to inflict more damage with physical attacks as well as increased how much I could carry.

I glanced around the plains and saw no more monsters have spawned so I decided to continue exploring further south. Down a narrow path right on the edge of a gorge, I found a massive cave that must have been over three meters in height. The cave gave off an aura of danger, but the idiot I am, decided to explore it anyway.

The was barely any light and what light there was came from glow in the dark fungi and moss that grew along the walls and ceiling.

During my walk through the cave, I came across some Cave Bats with levels ranging from three all the way to seven. It was difficult killing the higher level ones but with the upgraded Slash and my overpowered Chaos magic, I pulled through.

I lost count of how many I killed but I did level up some, which was nice. I found a large cavern with a hole in the ceiling letting in the s

unlight. The light hit around a large tree with lush green leaves as well as reflected off the small pond just behind it.

I glanced at my status noticing my level of seven and my full health, mana, and stamina gauges. I slowly made my way over to the tree but as I got within three meters of it a Notification popped up but this time it was red.

Warning: Rock Golem Has Awaken

Looking around I finally saw movement just beneath the tree where the Rock Golem emerged from the ground below. It stood just under three meters high and was as wide as a truck. I looked above its head and noticed just how outclassed I really was.

Rock Golem


Health: 531 /

How in the hell am I supposed to defeat something like that? I turned and ran for the exit but instead of going through it, I hit an invisible barrier that unfortunately took away six points of health.

Hearing hard footsteps making their way towards me, I turned and came face to face with the Golem. He stretched out his right arm and with speed that did not match his size he swung it down attempting to squash me into the ground.

I managed to dodge to my right just in time as his hand hit the ground giving off a loud crashing sound that echoed through the cave tunnels. I quickly got up and raised my left hand.

"Chaos Blast!" I shouted and the purple energy ball shot towards the Golem. With its left hand it swatted it out of the air exploding it instantly. Out of the fire and smoke it walked towards me. I looked at its health which now read:

Health: 519 /

There was no way I would be able to deal enough damage before he got to me and killed me. I still didn“t know what would happen to me if I died so I began to panic and made stupid mistakes.

I tried slashing at the Rock Golem dealing one point of damage with each hit. By far it was the least effective method. I tried Chaos Wave when I managed to dodge underneath a large swing of its arm tumbling forward until I was behind him.

All it did was stagger the Golem for a split second before it was back on me. By the time my stamina and mana were depleted, the Golem was now at 476 health. There was no way I would win this, so I kept attempting my dodges.

Luckily I have avoided being hit by this Golem so my health was still full, but it wouldn“t last for long. A ray of light reflecting off the pond blinded me for a second and that was all the Golem needed. A huge right swing connected my left side sending me flying into the rock walls of the cavern, cracking it underneath the impact.

I fell to the floor noticing the huge amount of blood pool around me. I glanced at my health and saw that I only have seven point left. I was going to die here. Why did I have to die here?

Is it Karma? Is it Fate? Destiny? I didn“t know. I couldn“t determine why it was my time here. Forgetting that I might be fine if I die, since this is a game, my mind went to worst case scenario first and foremost. I was going to die.

I managed to stand after a few seconds as more and more blood began to pool around feet. My health was down to 4 points now. I watched the Golem stop in front of me and raise both his hands clenching them into fists.

I didn“t want to die, I came to realize. I wanted to live. I wanted to experience the things I never did. I wanted to live. I wanted to live.

"I ... want to ... live..." I croaked out smiling softly.

The Golem brought down his arms with tremendous speed.

"I WANT TO LIVE!" I shouted as I let my anger take control of me. Power burst through my entire body, stopping the bleeding in the process. My body felt as if it was going to burst. It was more pain than I have ever felt in all my life.

A swirl of pitch black energy that had a pattern of galaxies and stars within began to form around me. It was enough to confuse the Golem which now stopped its attack. I kept shouting as I let the power run wild. I felt the cave begin to shake and soon small pieces of the ceiling began to crumble down. The ground began to crack and split under the amount of power I was releasing.

My mind went blank right before my power burst from my body, causing me to fall unconscious.

I awoke a few days later with a massive headache to a very worried looking redhead girl in a dark blue robe with a red sash.

"Welcome back, Master." She said with a smile.

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