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   Chapter 4

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What was I going to do with my life now? Am I to just wonder the lands of Guild Stronghold? Maybe I can just check it out before I determine my next step. Maybe I can have some sort of fun before I lose the little bit of hope I have finally gained.

I made my way down the long rocky path that soon opened up to a large flat plain. Dozens upon dozen of brown and grey, german shephard sized, lizards were scattered about the plain. I looked above their bodies and noticed what the Game Indicator showed:

Rocky Lizard


Health: 15 /

Most were level one but there were some that reached level four. Those were noticeably bigger than the rest. I wonder if I will be able to handle one of the smaller ones.

Equipping my Iron Sword I set out for the closest one of the lizards. I maneuvered myself around to his back and crept closer. I wonder how this game allows you to use a sword skill. Is it a set collection of swings? Is it something like that anime? Or is it random swings that any normal beginner would use.

I found out it is a set collection of swings that will help you to maximize the amount of damage made, but it drains stamina. Or you could swing randomly would deals less damage and takes less stamina.

The collection of swings seemed to already make themselves known to the user instantly. I knew exactly how I should swing and where. Lunging forward I brought the sword up above my left shoulder angling my body sideways with my right shoulder pointing towards the lizard. As I closed the distance in a very short amount of time I swing diagonally and cut the lizard across his back.

The blow staggered the lizard causing it to fall on it“s side. Although the single blow did not kill it I noticed its health bar lower just below half.

I then quickly followed up with a straight thrust connecting it to the lizards chest area. The lizard“s body began to crumble into dust and a notification appeared within the top middle of my vision.

14 EXP Gained

Level 1 Achieved.

Suddenly my vision became blurred and I woke up within a room that look to situation within a giant machine. There were many cogs and gears, cables and axle rods. Everything gave off a bright shine as well as an old rustic feeling. In the middle stood a rather tall butler in his smooth clean black suit and a clothe over his left arm.

"Welcome to Guild Stronghold." The butler said as his right hand fixed his thin rectangular glasses. "You are here due to the breakthrough of level one. All new participants go through this."

"What is going on?" I said as I glanced around at the shiny room.

"You are here to define your character as well as your preferred skill sets. Once completed, you will teleported back to your last known location to carry on with your game."

"Ok." I said as I took a few more steps forward.

"First, we will define you characteristics." As he said this a Notification window appeared within my gaze showing what I currently looked like.

I noticed the clothes were exactly the same as what I was wearing which did make sense. My hair and facial characteristics were the same as well.

I changed my hair length a little shorter than it was and now it was at least four centimeters above my shoulders. I also changed its colour to white as most players never did this. I made me feel a little unique in that sense.

The rest of me left as is. There wasn“t much other than my hair I wanted to change.

"That“s all." I told the butler standing before me.

"Thank you. Please confirm once more." He replied.

"Of course." I responded to him waiting for the next set of instructions.

"Understood. Saving your desired set of characteristics. Please enter your preferred name?" He asked.

"Dark Stroke." I replied.

"Understood. Please have a look at your skill options that will open in a moment." He replied as his eyes turned white for a few seconds. "Skills are split into three options and branch off from there. These sections are Weapons, Magic, and Physicals."

Looking at the skills I wondered how I wanted to set up my character for future use. Thinking how many games I have played where both physical and magic attacks have saved me, I decided to

level them up equally. Using the twenty Skill Points awarded for beginners I went through the Weapons skill tree. Knowing swords are my favourite choice of weapons I bypassed the trees for Lances, Shields, Bows, Daggers, and a few others and went straight for the swords.

For the first tree there were two options to start off. Both were attacks that incorporated some magic within them to deal more damage.

Slash and Stab, they were called. Slash added some fire damage and increase the damage inflicted by 2 points. Stab gave it a bleeding effect that was considered as continuous. It also increase damage by 2 points.

I chose Slash and Stab giving 4 skill points to Slash and 2 to Stab.

I switched to Magic and saw that it mostly dealt elemental damage, however, there was a disabled and blacked out tree to the far right which didn“t have a name. I wonder what type of magic is that.

The four elements were all available to choose from and I chose Fire and Wind. Thinking I could combine the two in the future it could give me the edge that is needed.

As I tried to insert a Skill Point into Fire a Notification popped up and gave me the following message:

Magic Limitations

Unable to use Elemental Magic

"Sorry, sir. It seems I can“t level Magic." I asked the butler in front of me wondering why it was denying me the opportunity to use magic.

"Due to your unfortunate circumstances, the General Managers of the server“s have allowed you personal access to your own skill tree. After hearing about your condition the creator of the game made a whole new magic skill tree for your use. He called it Chaos." The butler began not breaking his composure. "It should be disabled on your Skill Tree but once you insert a Skill Point into the first skill it will become available to you."

"How could the creator design and develop a skill tree just for me? It“s impossible to do so in this short of a time." I responded unsure of how it was possible.

"He has been working on it for a few months now, but finished it for you. You are the only one in the game who has access to this type of Magic."

"Won“t that be unfair to the other players?" I asked him in a concerned voice.

"No it won“t. For a few reasons." The butler spoke once more. "Firstly, it takes longer to level up as in it takes more Skill Points to unlock new spells. Secondly, the creator has ideas in a secret boss that the players have to defeat in order to beat the game. He wants you to do it. And of course." He continued stopping me from voicing my concern about the matter. "You are free to do as you wish within the game, and will not be tied down to a single location like all other bosses. Finding you is part of the quest."

"Sounds like fun." I replied as I unlocked the Chaos Skill Tree at the loss of a Skill Point. Two options immediately made themselves available to level up. Chaos Wave and Chaos Blast. Wave send a distortion wave forwards towards the target dealing up to 10 damage which is higher than what Fire and Water offered. I gave it six Skill Points which leveled it up three times. it“s damage was now close to 18 points.

Blast sent an explosive orb towards the intended target that explodes on impact. Giving it another 6 Skill Points it leveled up twice, now dealing 22 damage. Now that 19 Skill Points are taken I looked at the Physicals section.

There was two options to choose from which seemed like the norm for all the sections. One was tempering your body to withstand more damage, Tempering. The second was to enhance strength for more powerful attacks as well as allowing for more weight to be carried, Strength. I decided to add the last Skill Point into Tempering since I was still beginning and didn“t think I would be carrying so many items.

"Thank you for completing the Character Defining. You will now be transported back to your last known location which we have as...Desolate Plains. Enjoy your game, Mr. Dark Stroke." The butler said just before my vision blurred once more and almost instantly I found myself back on the level plains staring out over dozens of Lizards who have now turned their attention to me.

"Well, this should be fun." I said equipping my sword.

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