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   Chapter 2

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Author“s Note: Before I start, I just want to make it known that I do not condone what Kai“s parents have done, nor do I condone his actions. Ignoring of a child is common and should not be ignored by others. If, for any of the readers, you have reached a point like Kai does, please do not follow in his actions but rather seek assistance by those willing to listen. And believe me there are people who are willing to listen to your issues/problems/concerns, even if they are not close to you. Even when there seems to be no hope, there are those who are willing to help.


I have always wondered if any one in the world ever woke up in the morning knowing something terrible would happen to them. I don“t mean self inflicted or knowing before hand of a traumatic event. I am referring to a completely unexpected turn of events that throws your life from one end into the sewers and sometimes beyond.

That didn“t happen to me. I awoke that early morning of the 10th of May with the same hateful look at the new day as the previous ones. I knew that no matter what I did, it would never be enough. Even getting straight A“s in school meant nothing to my parents. ninety percent of the times they were sure that I was cheating and I even got grounded a few times because of it.

My brother on the other hand, couldn“t be more perfect in their eyes. Being the star of the basketball team and the MVP of the football team would do that. But my parents take it to far.

I am constantly being compared to him in everything other than academics. For some reason unbeknownst to me, they leave out that small detail. I constantly hear the most nerve wrecking and my most hated phrase, “Why can“t you be more like your brother?“

The funny thing was, they forgot my birthday four days ago and still have not said anything about it. The part that I hated most was the fact that we were fraternal twins. They have yet to say anything to me about that matter.

I have basically given up on my family and am currently waiting for graduation so I can leave and never look back. Unfortunately, being sixteen years of age, that dream is still two and a half years away.

My only ray of light is a childhood friend of both my brother and mine, Amy Halland. I still don“t understand why but she doesn“t treat me the same way as the rest. She actually cares about me and what I do. Even my weird little habits, like watching anime and playing computer games. Of course she judges me a little, yet she never comments about it.

I went downstairs, already dressed for school, in my usual dark clothes. Black jeans, a black long sleeve shirt and black hooded jersey that fit me perfectly. My shoulder length black hair was combed enough to keep it from tangling and my bright green eyes still had a dull gleam to them. I wonder if they will ever shine as once did when I still had the naivety of a small child.

I wasn“t surprised to find that my brother had just left for school and that my mother was already doing the dishes for breakfast. Once more they totally ignored the fact that I wasn“t even present for breakfast or the fact that maybe I would like some. So once again I had to make some bland bran flakes for breakfast. What a start to a day, but then again I am used to it.

School wasn“t much different as the teachers too thought I was cheater yet they could never prove it. Why is it that I am hated at school as much as I am ignored at home? The students, or the entire student body as it should be known bullies me. Even the nerds that get bullied by the jocks bully me. I figure it“s because I have lost the will to even try to fight back.

I was eating lunch in my usual spot on the roof of the school building where no one goes. It is my own little slice of peace. Where some may feel lonely eating there, I relish in the fact that it is lonely. It is the only part of my day I actually enjoy.

I stared at the clouds above me letting my mind wonder to the new virtual reality game that was announced a few months ago. It was going live that night and I couldn“t have been any happier. Working part-time had allowed me to buy the necessary equipment needed to play the game as well as the fact I had enough for the game too.

Guild Stronghold, it“s called. It“s the basic VRMMORPG, Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, where defeating the floor boss it the the main sub quest and beating the world boss is the main quest. That is basically the purpose of the game, but Travent Corp Gamin

g have taken it to the next level. Using both martial art skills, weapon skills, and magic skills, it is one of the most comprehensible games in the market.

It also allows you to become part of the system where you can become chef“s, lord“s, king“s, knight“s, adventurers, explorers, and many more.

I couldn“t wait for the opportunity to play tonight and kept wishing that the day would end quickly for the same.

The sound of the roof“s door opening took me out of my day dream and forced me back to reality. I looked at the door slowly and saw Amy walking towards me with her lunchbox in hand. Pink. Typical Amy. She always has liked the colour pink.

She was wearing dark blue jeans, bright red sneakers, and a navy blue tank top. Her short blonde hair bounced with every step that she took.

"I thought I would find you here." She said in a soft tone laced with some excitement.

"Are you not eating with Gareth?" I asked as I finished my last peanut butter sandwich.

"Your brother can do without me for today. I wanted to eat lunch with you but you disappeared rather quickly from class." She replied as she said down next to me near the end of the roof.

"Is that so?" I asked as I turned my gaze to the sky and watched a hawk fly past slowly.

"Of course it is silly." She replied as she began to eat her lunch. "What are you thinking about?"

"Guild Stronghold." I responded with some excitement lacing my voice.

"What?" She asked slightly confused.

"The new game Travent has created. It is being released tonight. I“m thinking about how it will be to actually play the game. I have been waiting for months." I let out with a sigh at the end.

"Ah. Gaming, I should have guessed." She said with a soft chuckle.

"Maybe." I replied as leaned back into the fence that lined the roof.

We sat in silence watching the clouds pass us by, comfortable with the silence. That is before Amy decided to speak again.

"You know, there is a friendly game of football this weekend that is raising money for charity. You should come play. It will be fun." She said as she nudged my shoulder slightly.

"No thanks. Sports aren“t my thing." I replied as my voice went cold.

"Come on, it“s for charity. Even your brother is going to play. He“s also rallying some of the football team to join in." She tried again.

"I said no. Sports aren“t my thing." I replied as I stood up.

"I just don“t understand you." She said said with concern filling her voice. It wasn“t a tone I liked to hear from her but if there was something I was adamant against, it would be playing sports. That was my brother“s domain and will most absolutely not get involved in it.

"You don“t have to. I don“t play sports and that“s the end of it." I said my voice still cold.

"Why can“t you be more like your brother? He jumped at the oppor-" My mind cut her off. The one phrase that I had hated most in my life spoken by the only person that made it worth living. I mean, she even remembered my birthday when my own parents couldn“t even be bothered.

Just why did she have to say it. And why did it not click for her to realize what she had just said to me. She was my only friend. My confidante. She knew that was my trigger phrase, yet she said it all the same.

My heart broke into thousands of pieces. I now realized that she was just like the rest. She liked my brother enough to cloud her judgement over me. There was nothing left for me here. Not even the game could fix something like this.

I glanced to my right and saw that some of the fencing that lined the roof was under construction and that there was a sizable hole there. Enough to walk through. Before it dawned on Amy what I was thinking I began to walk over to it.

Why did I have to be born into this existence? This was a waste of a good life that good have achieved greatness, yet I am stuck with it. Why couldn“t I have been born into a family that actually cared about me? Loved me for who I was. I would never know why.

As I reached the edge, Amy finally realized what I was going to do and began to plead for me to stop. Yet she still didn“t apologize for what she had said. I don“t even think she realized she had said it. Had it become such a normal phrase to me that the ones saying it don“t know they are doing it?

I heard my name several times but the gushing wind quickly passing my ears drowned all that out. It didn“t take long before all I knew was darkness.

I awoke in the middle of a town wondering what the hell just happened. I should be dead.

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