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No one could have foreseen the events that followed at that moment. Numerous people, allies and enemies alike, had seen the fall I had taken. They all witnessed my bloodied body falling from a tremendous height, with my blood trailing behind me. They all saw my unconscious form.

It was an unfortunate catalyst that caused the almost fall of the academy. The students had lost hope. Most of the defences had been conquered. Although the deaths were kept to a minimum, the fact that they were losing did not pain the picture that we had hoped for.

Quin's loud roar echoed throughout the academy letting everyone know that he was victorious. His anger at both myself and my species was let out through his roar. His enjoyment at this situation was far more that he should have. Bu he truly thought that I had died. That his ex-wife's line ended with me.

However, he made one mistake during his victory war cry. He attacked Julie. Although I was unconscious, I could still feel the link to Julie. I could feel her pain as she shielded herself from my fathers flames. How distraught she was that I wasn't moving. I could feel almost all of her emotions at the situation at hand.

It wasn't until my father slashed across her belly in an attempt to cut her in half. Her blood poured from her wound as she began to lose her composure. She was giving it everything she had to remain hovering.

Her dress now stained in blood as her right arm hung limply at her side. Her left hand holding her stomach, trying to stop the bleeding. Every deep breath resulting in a coughing fit. Every cough sent more and more blood falling to the ground. Little streams forming at the corners of her lips towards her chin.

Although she was about to lose, She had also inflicted enough damage to Quin. He was struggling to keep flying, and at the same time his flames had begun to lose its intensity.

But it was Julie who fell first. Her wings gave out as she fell to the ground. Her consciousness had begun to shimmer between the two states. Quin saw this and let himself fall to the ground only to land on his two feet, having transformed back to his human form. He had already landed by the time Julie was three quarters the way towards the ground.

Quin's suit no longer in pristine condition as he stumbled to stay standing. His golden blood leaked from the right side of his mouth, as his trousers showed the blood leaking from his torso.

He was watching as Julie fell, her wings doing nothing to stop her fall. Merely flapping behind her. When I felt her lose the hope to continue, it sparked something within me.

At this moment, my ins

my left wing back with tremendous speed, causing Quin to fall of balance as he tried to remain holding the sword.

As my wing retreating I thrust my trident forward, using Quin's shock and imbalance against him. The trident pierced his chest with the middle prong catching his heart.

Quin's body tremored slightly before he fell silent. His eyes no longer focusing on anything.

It was finally over. The lightning trident faded into nothing as my body remained standing. The anger I felt, the pain I had endured all left my body. As I fell face first onto the ground. Losing consciousness.

My whole life flashed before my eyes at that moment. Yet it was only the good moments.

When I met Julie, the first time she smiled. The first time she laughed. Getting a new life here at this academy. Meeting Penelope. Finding out she was my aunt. Meeting both her and my grandmother. My mother. When Julie was brought back. The touch of her hands. Her soft smile.

Then the slideshow stopped, replaced with a bright light. My eyes struggled to open but when they did I noticed where I was. Although I didn't recognise it. It still had a homely feeling.

I struggled to sit up as I glanced around the room. The beige walls with no pictures upon them. The four circular lights embedded within the ceiling. The soft single bed with white sheets, and a dark red duvet atop it and me. There was a large plasma television attached to the wall in front of the bed.

I didn't know where I was nor how long it had been since I was last awake.

I turned to my left to find Julie standing there in a dark grey pants suit. Smiling down upon me. Her hair pulled back into a pony tail that hung down her back.

"Finally." She said as tears fell from her eyes.

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