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   Chapter 32 NO.32

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The dark that surrounded me suddenly faded away. My eyes opened to the fire lit sky as screams and shouted of pain and anguish berated my ears. I found myself lying face first on the same destroyed tar where I fell.

I quickly got into a standing position as I felt the energy that Vessilum poured into me. My senses were enhanced, allowing me to see kilometers further than I originally could. I could smell the carnage all around me. I could hear far further than I should. And I could feel the power emanating from me. From my core.

"Victor!" Julie shouted from beside me as she stared at me concerned. It must have been a shock for her to see me suddenly collapsed.

Her hands softly grabbed my cheeks as she gazed deeply into my eyes, as if trying to determine if I was alright. Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I remembered everything that I had seen and experienced.

"What happened?" Julie asked even more concerned now than she was previously.

"I saw her." I told her with a smile on my face as my hands found their way to hers, gently grabbing them. "I saw my mother."

"How..." She began to ask but trailed off as I took her left hand from my cheek, holding it in my right.

"I am the last Vessilum, and apparently that affords me some perks." I began as I pulled her close into a hug, holding her tightly. "She was there, with Penelope, with everyone. Every Vessilum to have existed." I told her as I took in her smell, allowing it to calm me.

"You need to explain to me fully what happened after all this." She said as she stroked my back. The touch getting me back to my usual state. I broke the hug and straightened my back. Taking a deep breath I tilted my head upwards. As I breathed out, I lowered my head and looked into her eyes.

"Let's go." I said as we turned towards the carnage. The fire already blocking out the blue sky. A deafening roar sounded out above us as black flames descended onto the academy. The sound of battle becoming prominent over everything else. The students giving it their all to fight for their home, their friends, their family.

Knowing what I know about the Vessilum, I knew how to make use of Michael's power without him taking control over my body. Although he was powerful, he still needed the opening to take control. He needed me to be unstable emotionally and mentally.

The golden white wings appeared on my back as I stretched them outwards. Julie herself, having her white leathery wings sprouting from hers. We began to ascend towards our final battle. Towards the end of our misery. This was going to be difficult but it was needed.

It took us just under a minute to come to a hover before a flying Quin. His black dragon far bigger than my own, than Julie's. His power was truly amazing. Which makes me think that if you gain the power of the Will from your species, it does not disappear when you sire offspring.

eing whipped towards us from our right.

The tail hit Julie first sending blood splattering from her mouth, soon the tail also hit me. The impact was immense. Rattling my insides. A crack appeared on my right horn. The impact throwing us a few dozen meters before we managed to regain our composure. Julie holding her now limp right arm. Blood leaking from her lips. My breath knocked out of me was all of my concerns at the moment. Seeing Julie in this state angered me.

I let my power manifest itself further, as lightning shot forward, avoiding Julie beside me. Soon I was covered my the lightning as it shot towards the clouds surrounding us.

I shot forward towards Quin as he barrel rolled out of the way, yet still unable to avoid the lightning exuding from my form. The lightning charred his flesh and scales, eliciting a loud roar from his jaw.

His right clawed arm swiped at me as he almost finished his roll. I pushed the lightning around me forward, acting as a shield to protect me. The impact pushed me further back, but Quin was further injured. His anger clouding the fact that the lightning was hurting him at every attack.

However, I failed to noticed how nimble Quin was in his dragon form as he suddenly twisted, sending his tail towards my chest. Putting all his power into his tail, his black flames directly combated my lightning, and with the sharpness of his tail, it penetrated through my shield.

I felt pain erupt through my chest, flooding through my system. I looked down to find the tip of his tail had pierced my chest. Golden blood leaked from the wound. I felt myself being pulled with the tail. Blood splattered from my mouth and I was pulled along the tails path and thrown to the ground below. Crashing into the cement below, cratering it beneath my body.

My vision began to blur as I watched a very concerned Julie flying towards me at immense speed.

Then everything went dark.

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