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How could I be standing in front of the founder of the Hectrova family as well as the first Vessilum? Something like this should not be possible. Further more, being in this place is not possible. How could I possibly be standing here seeing what I was seeing?

"This is not possible." I said softly. Unfortunately for me, they all heard.

"This is not a fact that the council of supernaturals want everyone to know." Alucaren said with a soft smile. As if even being here was worth a smile. "If everyone knew, how many deaths would occur? How many deaths would occur for the sole purpose of being the strongest? How many species would become endangered and furthermore extinct because of greed?"

"Every species has a dimension such as this. A place where all the deceased have come to spend eternity. Or rather until the end of their species." Isabella said as she tightened her grip on my right arm as if trying to reassure me of the situation.

"And here we are. Since you are the last surviving member of the Hectrova family, as well as the last Vessilum, you have been permitted access to this dimension. You have been chosen as the will of our line." Alucaren said as he walked closer, coming to a stop a few meters from Isabella and myself.

"But why?" I asked not understanding how a species could end like this. Or how something like this could even be possible.

"Even in all my years, I have never found an answer for it." Alucaren replied. "The supernatural world has another meaning to it.

"Although we use that term to describe the world where the supernatural survive, there is another point of view. Ancient magic, essence itself, or divine intervention, it is not truly know what drives this force. All I know is that the world of supernaturals is governed by an energy, a will, or force, if you will.

"This force is what drives all our species. Allows for incidents like this. Governs how and when a select few beings are born with power and when some are not. It allows for us to exist. That is how you are here now without being dead. Without being killed. This force has allowed for you to be the last. For you to continue our will." Alucaren finished as he clasped his hands behind him.

"What does this mean for me? How do I continue your will?" I asked as a confused look crossed my face as I tried to figure it out.

"You will be given our blessings. In other words, we will grant you our knowledge of our kind. All the secrets that we have uncove

both of you deserve happiness." Penelope said with the same tone as her mother. "I know we haven't known each other long, but I am glad to have known you. The little piece of Abigail that she left behind. You would have made her proud. As you have made us." She ended as she grabbed her mothers left hand with her right.

"He has made me proud." Came a serene voice that sent warmth through me. Penelope and Isabella both turned towards the new voice with smiles upon their lips. The happiness shown in their eyes was the indication as to who she was.

I turned to my left, my gaze falling on a woman of extraordinary beauty. Her bright blonde hair that held an abundance of curls to it hung in a ponytail over her right shoulder. Her almost translucent eyes gave her an overbearing presence yet a calming one.

She was wearing a dark blue shirt with black jeans. A gold necklace with a golden cross hung from her neck.

"Victor." She said with a large smile. Her happiness and sadness seemingly pervade through her expression. Tears fell from her eyes. "You're all grown up. My little boy."

"Mom?" I asked as I suddenly went cold. How did I not expect this? How did I not guess that she would be here? It was so obvious.

"You need to stop him." She said as her form began to flicker.

"I can't hold on for any longer. The forces at work have little time to spare." Alucaren said with a seemingly strained voice.

"You need to stop Quin. He will destroy the balance. He needs to be stopped." She said with a smile. Just before she faded she let out one final sentence. "She is good for you, keep her safe."

With that everything went dark.

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