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"How can that thing be our heir?" The deep voice sounded out once more. Far more irritated than I initially thought. I could be barely open my eyes, let alone lift any part of my body.

The pain I felt when Penelope was dying remained. It felt as if my insides were burning to ash before making its way to the outside. I thought I knew pain before. I thought I knew fear. But this was so much worse. As if acid was flooding my system without destroying the nerves within it. As if it wanted me to feel the pain. As if the pain wanted me to suffer.

"The boy holds power, Liam." A soothing voice sounded out that almost overflowed with power and respect. Her voice alone making me want to see who she was and what she looked like.

"Does that matter?" Liam said almost shouting. "He is not of our kind. He doesn't deserve our power!"

"True. This boy is not of our kind." The lady said still calm, not reacting to the loud man at all. "He is far better. He is the future of our people. He will ensure our kind lives on."

"Why do you have so much trust in this boy?" Liam asked as his voice began to soften. Wondering why this woman was defending me.

"I have seen his future. I have seen his past." The lady said as her voice grew louder and louder the closer she walked towards my prone body. "And I see the hardships that will soon come."

"You think he can beat Quin?" Liam said almost mockingly. "The dragon king that is so powerful that even we, the dead, are aware of his power? You really think this boy can stop that monster?"

"There is always hope." The woman said as she knelt down to my right. Placing her right hand atop my chest. A sudden shock that pushed through me, hitting my heart. Instantly pushing me into overdrive.

I shot up, my head facing the dark ceiling above me. A roar of pain came forth shaking the room we were in. All of my pain and anguish filled the roar. My eyes began to change as my pupils started to slit. My irises quickly switching to a golden orange. Smoke began to leak from my mouth with every breath that escaped my lips.

Almost instantly I flipped around, landing on my hands and knees. My muscles tensing as I tried to control my pain, my anger. I was losing myself to my instincts.

"This boy is a monster!" Liam shouted. "He can't even control himself, Isabella. He doesn't deserve to be the Progenitor of our kind."

"You merely see the surface." Isabella said as she slowly inched closer

l that matters to me." She said as she stared down her brother.

"Okay." Was all Liam could say as he took a step back, his eyes never leaving hers. It appeared that he knew that he would lose in a fight to her and he was not willing to take that chance. The rest of the thousands of people that stood around them had now backed up out of their way.

Isabella glared at her brother for a few more seconds before a deep voice sounded out from her left. Whomever it was, they were obviously more respected and of a higher standing than both Isabella and Liam.

"Izzie, enough." The voice said as the crowd parted and revealed the source of the voice. A man who stood just at six feet with shoulder length black hair, a very athletic build. Black leather trousers, with a white cotton tunic that was stringed near the collar. His bright blue eyes contrasted against his tanned tone.

"Please don't call me that." Isabella said with annoyance in her tone. The lightning that danced around her form died down into nothing. She crossed her arms over her chest and hung her head lower. Almost appearing to be a child that a father has just scolded.

"So this is your grandson, the hope of my family." The man said with a soft smile. His features appearing calm yet powerful.

"Yes it is." Isabella said as she made her was over to me. I merely stared at both of them. Not fully understanding the entire situation. It took Isabella a few seconds to come to a stop to my right. She helped me up into a standing position. Smiling the whole time. "Victor, this is Alucaren Hectrova. The founder of our family, and the first of our kind."

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