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"How can you be a dragon? It's not possible." I asked Julie with my eyes never leaving the glowing white dragon behind her.

"As I said before, I am not quite sure." Julie replied honestly as she stepped closer to me. "When your dragon was transferred, along with me, to Rosalie, something happened. It was as if the light magic that I trained in somehow caused a shift in all of our magic. As it drained Rosalie, it fueled the merge between your dragon power and mine.

"When this merging occurred, it formed a dragon with my element. A dragon with the power of light. I thought this type of dragon was only a myth. A legend that the books of old spoke about.

"One dragon to heal and maintain order with a counterpart, a mate of sorts, to a dragon with the power to destroy and decimate." She said as she came to a stop beside me, looking up at my dragon who seemed to elude a presence of might and power. His pride showing in abundance. "My dragon with the power of light and yours with the power of hellfyre. I didn't believe it at first, but the only thing that makes sense is that the prophecy of old is true.

"That the supernatural world itself needed this to happen. Caused this to happen. It is the only thing that makes sense at this time." She ended as her left hand brushed my right.

"So we were written about? Destined?" I asked trying to understand everything she was telling me.

"It appears so." She replied with a smile. "However, none of this explains Michael."

"Your mother was scared when you were born." Michael said as she hovered closer. A distant look within his eyes. "She feared what your father would do to both herself and you. So she collaborated with Rafael who acquired the necessary allies that were needed to perform their task. And their task was one of utmost importance. To protect the future king of dragons. To protect the heir to the Hectrova family. To protect you they conspired against me. Many lost their lives trying to bind me but ultimately they won. I was bound to you to ensure your survival, because above all, I wish to survive.

"This isn't the usual Vessilum contacting. I can no longer return home, nor can ever fully control you with shiny over there." He added as he pointed to Julie by my side. A look of annoyance upon his face. "But little miss sunshine is correct. There is in fact a prophecy about you two. I didn't believe it, but it appears to be true."

"How can the almighty

every second. The pain she had to be going through must've been intense.

Julie rushed forward towards Penelope. Kneeling beside her almost yelling at her to stay awake. She began to glow a bright gold as she projected that gold towards Penelope. Slowly healing her. Or attempting to heal. Nothing was happening.

Second by second, time passed slowly, I could feel Penelope's pain. I could feel her anguish. Her anger. Her desire to stay alive. I could feel her fading. Something within me connected myself to her. Something showed me what she was feeling, what she was thinking.

I fell to my knees screaming in pain as it was transferred from Penelope to myself. As if she was projecting her pain to me. And if it wasn't her, then some other force was at work.

I could hear my heart beat. Growing faster and faster until it was the only thing I could hear. The screams, the shouts, the explosions. All of that failed to fall upon my ears.

It wasn't until my vision faded into nothingness did I realize the full extent of the trouble I was in. Falling to the ground, unable to brace myself, my head hit the concrete, causing me to black out.

However, that was not the end of my troubles. Waking up within an active volcano, the heat beating against my skin as if punishing me for errors somewhere within my past. Hundreds, if not thousands, of men and women from various era's of time, within a wide range of ages, stood around my form. Each of them with standing with emotionless expressions upon their faces.

"This is our heir?" Came a deep voice that sounded both annoyed as well as angered at what he was saying.

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