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We all looked up toward Quin as he hovered ten meters in the air. Loosing concentration for a moment allowed the rain to continue their decent towards the earth. However, The rain seemed to evaporate when it came within the three meter diameter dome surrounding Quin. As if the fire within him did not allow for the water to reach him.

"It has been a long time Penny." Quin said as he began to lower himself towards the ground. Never letting his eyes leave hers.

"How dare you show your face here?" Penelope almost shouted as an angry look took over her features.

"That hurts." Quin chuckled as he placed his right hand over his chest in mock hurt. An evil smirk lining his lips.

"How did you get in here? The barrier is absolute. You couldn't have bypassed it." Penelope said as the dark blue tattoos appeared upon her person once more as she began to glow a bright white. Gabriel providing her with his power.

"Did you forget who established the barrier in the first place?" Quin replied as his feet touched the ground. His smile returning to his usual cold demeanor. As he said this, Penelope froze as realization came to fruition within her mind.

"Abigail." She spoke softly before returning her focus to Quin. "Regardless. You are not welcome here. Not after what you did."

"Not that it matters now, but she deserved it. For being who she was." Quin replied as he seemingly became to grow bored with the conversation. His gaze soon wondered to me and Julie before he gazed out upon the various buildings surrounding us.

"How was being the heir to the Hectrova family enough to warrant what you did?" Penelope asked clearly not understanding the reason that Quin was insinuating.

"Have you already forgotten who it was that ordered the extinction of my race?" Quin shouted as he turned to face Penelope. "I had to run and hide when our war was lost. How my people, my friends, my family were ruthlessly killed. Exterminated by the hands of the supernatural community due to the order from one man. From the man who advised the council for centuries.

"She was his heir. She would become the same monstrosity he became. I could not allow that. I could not allow my vision to be taken from me. I could not allow the survival of my race to be taken from me by some filth of a monster." He shouted as his skin began to crawl upon his body as if he was trying to keep hims

sword strapped to his back made of pure golden orange flames. The sword handle appearing above his left shoulder. The tip appearing around his right leg.

Michael. It had to be.

"I needed to show you this." Julie said from behind me, causing me to turn. What I saw shocked me enormously. Standing in awe I watched the beast that stood behind Julie. Its magnificence shown through its entire body. Giving off the same aura my dragon does. Slightly less powerful, but similar nonetheless. "This should show you why I think I can fight evenly with you. Why I want to help you. And why I know that I won't be a burden."

"How is this possible?" I asked as I stumbled forward in shock. "This can't be real." I added as my gaze switch from the beast to Julie and back to the beast. My mind trying to understand how this situation can be possible.

"I am not fully sure." Julie confessed as she turned slightly to glance at her beast. "However, it had something to do with the transfer from you to Rosalie, and the break in contact between Rosalie and myself. Something within the magic hold that bound me to both you and Rosalie allowed this to happen." She added as she turned back to me. Her gaze filled with the love we felt for each other.

"But..." I tried but trailed off. A loud roar came out behind me as my dragon announced his presence. Almost alerting the newcomer to his position as the prince to all dragons.

He received a roar in response. A roar that held an abundance of respect. The roar of a pure white dragon with golden orange eyes. The dragon that stood behind Julie.

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