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Her right hand came up and slowly stroked my left cheek. Her touch sending shivers through me. I could barely think straight with her standing before me. This is what I wanted. This is what I needed. I can't lose her a third time.

"Victor." She spoke softly causing my attention to snap to her fully. "This is not the end. There is more that you have to do." She added with a soft smile that showed her discontent with what she was saying.

"I know." I replied as I leaned into her touch. My eyes not leaving hers for a second.

"Good." She responded with a warm smile as she stepped closer to me. Our faces mere centimeters apart from each other. "There is also a few more things I need to speak to you about."

"Later." I said as I closed my eyes and connected my lips to hers. It was neither a rough nor rushed kiss. We savored the contact. Savored the touch. Her lips were soft against mine as her hand slowly glided from my cheek to my chest. The length of the kiss was lost to both of us as we disengaged from each other.

Both our eyes closed, her breathe warm against my lips and mine was to hers. I leaned my head forward and rested my forehead against hers. I was not sure why or how she came back to me, but one thing was for certain. I will not let her go again.

A cough from Gabriel broke us out of our little moment which only seemed to anger both Julie and myself. We turned to see Gabriel only staring at us with a slight blush upon his cheeks.

I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but there are more important matters at hand. Gabriel said as he turned around and gestured to the academy before us. The destruction that was caused by Gabriel and Michael was beyond what I initially thought. We can't leave it like this. Quin could be here before we know it and we have no defenses.

This side of Gabriel truly had me surprised. I would have thought that an archangel could have a personality like this.

"Can you give Penelope back?" Julie asked Gabriel as we distanced ourselves slightly. "I have a few questions for her."

Of course. Gabriel replied before he began to glow a bright white. It was over in almost an instant before Penelope's body returned to her previous form. Her torso slumped slightly before she regained her composure.

"Penelope." Julie asked in a serious tone as if she was trying

imple question." Penelope replied as she ran her hands through her hair.

"How?" I repeated louder, the lightning dancing around my wings picked up as it crackled through the air. As if trying to connect dozens of the still rain drops together via a network of lightning bolts.

"Victor, you wont like the answer." She replied as she almost pleaded with me.

HOW! I shouted as the hundreds of other voices lacing my voice returned. My anger soaring to high as Julie squeezed my hand trying to calm me. It worked but not enough. The lightning still danced through the rain drops but it was not as dangerous as when it began.

Penelope stood their shocked at the turn of events. Never did she think she would have to reveal to me the one secret that she wanted to keep hidden. The one thing she thought she could keep from me.

She stood then with her mouth agape, trying to figure out how to tell me her most desired secret above all. Either that or she was trying to concoct a lie that was believable enough to sate my desire to know what it is. Whether or not she could come up with such a lie would remain undetermined thanks to the unwanted as well as undesired interruption by a person none of us wished to see.

"They were sisters." Quin spoke from above us as his large black wings, sprouted from his back flapped to keep him in place. His hands at his side, his pitch black suits well tailored matching the coloring of his wings. His gaze left mine to Penelope's, a dark smirk appeared upon his lips. "Hello, dear sister. How I have missed you."

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