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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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A burst of lightning shot down from the grey heavens above. Lightning, a bright golden colour with swirling orange within, covered my entire body as it crashed in the ground around me. The lightning cutting through the building where it struck, leaving the rest of it untouched.

I roared as the power flooded through me as my body began to shift into its new form. I felt slightly taller as my body began to become more muscled. The jeans I was wearing now stretched to its limits.

My hair growing till my waist as it changed into a pitch black colour that seemingly failed to reflect any light. My eyes burning hot as they changed to a bright green. Almost shining against the whites of my eyes. Two glowing sets of golden feathery wings sprouted from my back with swirling orange within them. The same colours as the lightning.

The lightning began to die down, but instead of dissipating, it seemed to be absorbed into the wings attached to my back.

Power radiating off of my body in amounts I had never felt before. It matched and then exceeded that of Gabriel before me.

Yet I had not control. I was merely a passenger within my own body.

It has been a long time, Gabriel. The voice said with a voice laden with hundreds like it. Yet this time it held a sense of joy, excitement, eagerness for the what should follow.

It's not possible. Gabriel said softly as he backed away slightly. Fear evident within his eyes. Albeit a small amount, the fear was there. You can't be.

Oh, I can. The being within spoke loudly with a smile on my lips. Rain began to pour from the heavens above, blanketing the ground beneath our feet with a thin layer of water.

A small tug within my soul made me aware of to the fact that he was doing the one thing I had tried to avoid. The one power within me that I could not control. The power within me that was fueled by my anger. The power that could easily grow out of control if I did not focus every single conscious moment on controlling it.

My right arm lifted up with my palm facing down towards the ground. The water beneath my feet began to swirl around me, rising with every rotation, until it rose to the height of my waist. Two meters in diameter, the swirling vortex of water rushed forth like a hurricane bent on destruction.

My eyes lifted from the ground to reach Gabriel's. The water drops in the air stopped and soft turned as an evil smile adorned my lips. The being in control of me was having fun tormenting Gabriel with this prolonged stall. It wanted to push fear into every single crevice within Penelope's body, causing the link between herself and Gabriel to falter. But it never did.

I could f

at face anywhere. I would know that aura amongst thousands, millions. She is everything to me, how could I not know who she is.

I could feel Michael's hold on me waver slightly, yet I was still too enraptured in the beauty in front of me to do anything. It was only when she was a mere meter from me that anything within me occurred.

Michael himself felt fear for the being in front of us, yet he could not do anything. It was only by instinct that he quickly raised his right hand in a movement to strike her against her head. A strike that would never land.

Her left hand shot up and without touching his, his stopped. A mere few centimeters from her hand. He tried retracting his fist, but failed to do so. It would not listen to him.

Our fist slowly opened as I began to regain control over a frightened Michael. I could feel myself coming to my sense as I could feel the power and pain within my body as if it was my own.

I slowly inched forward as my hand hovered mere millimeters from hers. I hesitated a bit before I closed the distance and touched my hand to hers. Entwining our fingers.

My eyes locked onto hers. I could feel her radiating power at the contact of our skin before something began to force its way into my hand. Into my body.

A familiar warmth and power flooded through my system as the pain I currently felt began to slowly drain from my body. I could feel the ease of being whole. I could feel myself as I used to be.

My eyes closed as I relished in both the content feeling within me, and the contact of the woman I loved.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked at her. The familiar slit pupils adorned my eyes as my irises glowed a golden orange that continuously swirled about. A smile adorned my lips as I spoke one word.


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