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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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I stood tall, holding Rosalie by the throat as the being within me was beginning to attack my conscious. Trying to regain the control that I had only slightly given him. With the fight within me, and the anger swelling through my entire body, I conscious began to fade. Leaving only instinct within its place.

I fought hard to retain my position as I glared towards Rosalie's frightened face. Focusing more on the anger and the internal struggle within me I threw Rosalie to my left, through the dark steel walls. My dragon power within her keeping her from harm. Even now, my dragon wanted to protect Julie.

The steel crumpled underneath her as I howled in anger. The lightning that surrounded me forcing Penelope and the rest of the Elite's from the room. I could faintly see the fear that they held within their eyes at that moment, but all I could focus on was the fact that Rosalie stood between Julie and myself.

I sped through the opening that Rosalie's body had created and found that she was about to descend towards the ground below. The ground a few dozen meters below us. The prison they held me in was within the same building as the head mistresses office. Why would they place a lightning user within a prison that high up?

Through the air I raced to catch Rosalie's form. Holding her by her throat once more. I hovered at, glaring into her eyes as I watched them widen in fear. My conscious almost lost to me as the lightning that had become my form began to grow worse. More ecstatic. More violent. My eyes glowing a bright red that contrasted against the bright blue of the lightning.

I let go of Rosalie's throat and as she began her fall towards the ground below, I shimmered and disappeared once more. A second later I appeared above her and rushed downwards. Placing my palm against the center of her chest, I pushed down. Both of us travelled with immense speed as I crashed her into the asphalt below us.

Cratering the tar all around as I pushed her a meter into the tarred earth. Dozens of cracks shot outwards as the buildings windows shattered at the impact created. Rosalie let out a gasp of breathe as she slumped down. Her consciousness almost fadin

small splatter of blood as the pain only served to accumulate within me. I failed to differentiate between the pain of this attack and the pain from the being within me taking over.

My eyes began to blur as a flood of strength forced its way throughout my body. Forcing it to its limits before shattering even those.

I managed to glance at my attacker to see Penelope hovering before me with a serious look upon her face. It didn't look like her at all. It was as if someone else had taken control of her.

Give control back to your host. Her voice laden with hundreds of others spoke forth. He is not yours to control.

You, who dared lock me into this vessel, think you can dictate my actions? The being within me spoke with anger as more and more of his power flooded through my system. My control long gone as he began to assert himself as the main consciousness. How dare you presume to subject me to a vessel?

The lightning that shimmered around my form began to dissipate and revealed the angry look upon my face. The being had complete control at this moment.

What? Gabriel asked surprised at the outburst that the being within me let out. I did not lock you into a vessel. I am not too sure who exactly you are.

Then I will show you! The being within me shouted as he roared loudly. Unleashing every single ounce of power he held within me. A shockwave erupted from my core and shot outwards, throwing Gabriel backwards a few meters.

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