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   Chapter 24

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It“s been a week since I had woken up in the hospital, and to be honest, I wished I remained unconscious. Staring at the glass walls surrounding me within my nine meters by nine meters cell. My cage. It was the only way to stop me from destroying everything.

The power within me from the being who inhabited me began to run rampant. The wing of the hospital that I was in when I woke up, now lay in rubble. The nurses, doctors, and other patients all fell victim to my loss of control.

Lightningran rampant from within me, crackling through the air. Striking the ground and the glass walls with a ferocity that made me slightly fearful. If I couldn“t gain control of this power, I have no idea how useful I would be in this war. Would I remain on the outskirts of the battle, to afraid to join in, in fear of killing my allies, or will I finally become one with this power? It was too soon to tell.

The bags under my eyes showing whoever saw, that I was sleep deprived. That the power within me stopped me from doing any of the normal things. It was Penelope that finally managed to subdue me when I was trying to gain control. I subdued the power enough for her to over power me.

Do you think you can stop me! The voice from within me shouted inside my head. The being was trying to take control at my most vulnerable moment. The problem was, it was more powerful than I at first thought. This was a losing battle for me. I have no idea how long I can hold on.

Please leave me alone. I replied within my mind as I leaned my back against the far wall, facing the glass door in front of me. My knees brought up as I hugged them tightly. Completely forgetting that I was only wearing a pair of dark blue jeans.

Now why would I do that? The voice challenged me as if it enjoyed what it was doing to me. This is far too much fun and I have been silent for far too long. The voice retorted with a chuckle like growl lacing his voice.

I clutched my legs tighter as I tried to force the being from my mind. I couldn“t let it take control. The devastation it could unleash could be irreversible.

I grow bored. The voice said in a bored tone. The cheerful excited voice from earlier, discarded already. Pain shot through my body as it forced its way through me. Forcibly taking control.

The pain was too much. I fell forwards until I was crouched over on my hands and knees. My hands clenched tig

Suddenly she went rigid and silent.

"How dare you lay your hands on me?" Came a harsh voice in front of me. The tone that I remembered from within the enemy holds. I completely forgot that she was still alive. I quickly let her go and threw her from me. "Ow. Dammit!" She shouted as she rolled away from me. Coming to a stop after a full roll. "How dare you throw me, you pathetic spark!" She added as she got to her knees.

My gaze found hers as I noticed that her eyes didn“t have the yellow glow. It meant that she was back. Rosalie was in control.

"Cat got your tongue?" She mocked as she smiled devilishly. She seemed to enjoy my current situation. The lightning around me burst forth and struck the glass walls, cracking the glass in a few places. My anger soaring. "How are you this weak?" She jeered at me. "Pathetic." She added.

My anger reaching new heights as a growl escaped my lips. I fell forward onto my hands and knees as my form began to shimmer. I let the being within take control. Letting him surface tot he forefront of my mind. My anger forcing him into submission temporarily. I knew it would not last but I needed it.

My form shimmered as if my lightning began to become one with me. My eyes shined a bright blue as my entire body shimmered into lightning. Fear crossing Rosalie“s face as her previous smug look abandoned her.

"Who are you to talk to me?" My voice growled out in hundreds of voices, as I disappeared from where I stood. A split second later I was pushing Rosalie through the glass, my right hand around her throat, as the glass shattered around us.

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