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   Chapter 23

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Bending down to pick Rosalie“s body up, noting that she was completely unconscious. Her heartbeat was soft but still there. I held her in my arms with her left hang loosely towards the floor and her right across her chest. I gazed outwards towards the arena and noted the destruction that had occurred.

The lightning still rippling off my skin as my anger failed to fade away. After everything that had happened, I felt that these people deserved what they had received.

Pulling on the connection I felt myself link with the lightning within the clouds. As I was about to command the lightning to pick me and Rosalie up and using the magnificent speed lightning would afford me, loud shouts erupted from within the arena doors.

Hundreds of men and women, all with angered looks upon their faces, burst forth into the arena. Immediately stopping once they witnessed the carnage that had unfolded. There was no incident within their memory that could explain a disaster such as this. The hundreds of burnt corpses that littered the arena, the limbs that were strewn across the floor without a body to connect to.

Nothing prepared them for a sight like this one. I watched as their eyes fell upon me. I could feel the fear erupt from within them. As if witnessing the god of death himself, standing there commanding the forces of lightning as if they belonged to him. This was the image he projected to those that were not aware of who he was.

I shot upwards sending numerous shockwaves bursting outwards as I flew along the clouds. The ground where I stood cracked outwards as small tremors ran through the ground. Allowing the lightning to fuel my speed. The dark grey clouds extending in every direction. I felt a pull further south and almost instantly I knew it was someone familiar calling out to me. As if being a beacon to show me the way.

I travelled through the lightning letting it surround me. The strange thing was, it seemed the lightning was trying to protect Rosalie from this tremendous strain. It was keeping her safe while I travelled faster than I have ever done before.

It only took a few minutes before I made my way to the island. Bursting through the shield that camouflaged it from the outside world, I shot towards the arena grounds. Seeing the roof open, I knew that it was in use. I might stop a few fights, but who cares, I needed to make a choice and this seemed like the less risky one.

The cl

ping me.

However, this seemed different. This was more of a hospital room than that of the room I woke up in previously. The machines lined the wall near my head. Their beeping becoming slightly annoying. I began to choke as I realised that there was a tube down my throat helping me breath. Ripping it out, I spat the loose saliva that built up during my coughing fit.

I found myself wearing patient whites as I flung the sheet like blanket off of my body. The machines were now beeping louder than normal alerting the doctors and nursing to my room. The door burst open as the doctors stopped in shock. It was only a second, but I saw their hesitation, before they rushed up to me.

Two doctors wearing their doctors whites, and a dark blue bandanna like fabric atop their head. The nurses wearing a light pink scrubs. The doctors quickly grabbed my head and left arm, taking my vitals and ensuring that I was in decent health.

"What happened?" I asked the doctors as they turned to face each other. The one to my right, with light blue eyes and a five o“clock shadow decided to speak first.

"One of the elites found you unconscious on the elites floor. He in turn called us. We have the most advanced medical program, with the added magical influence, in the world. When the staff arrived to pick you up, we found that you were in a state that was shutting down your internal functions." He added and then gestured to the array of machines behind me. "Hence the machines behind you."

"How long?" I asked him as I laid back down on the bed, letting this new information wash over me.

"Two weeks." He replied.

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