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   Chapter 22

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"Enough." I said with a voice not my own. It was laced with hundreds of voices. My tone deepening far beyond what a human would normally be capable of.

The staff stopping abruptly above my head as if stopped by an unseen force. The staff seemed to be fighting the force as it began to splinter and break. Then power erupted throughout my body.

The staff began to shake with the force exerted upon it from all sides. As the top began to bend backwards, snapping and cracking at the point of the bend, loud thundering could be heard.

The sky darkened as thick dark grey clouds formed out of nothing. The bright blue cloudless skies now nothing more than a dark grey. Lightning rippling across the clouds surface. Each lightning strike bringing forth a louder thunderous clap.

The sand within the arena began to slow rise into the air. As if the gravity itself was being affected. I could feel my eyes heat up, not noticing or realising the bright neon purple they have change to. Power flooded through my system at the same time anger burst forth. Flooding my system making it everything I knew and could feel.

As the sand began to rise, so did the remaining four fighters. They were trying to move, but the force control them was far more than they could fight against. No amount of power they tried to use could ever overcome the anger I felt. The anger at my own weakness. My own uselessness. At the betrayals that I suffered through. At the loss I had to contend with. Everything angered. Especially the fact that my own father hated my very existence.

If he would not recognise who I am to him, then I will show the world what happens when you go against me. I will show the world what has become of the great Quin“s son. The one he abandoned. The one he made an enemy of.

The men hovering rose about a meter or so, while the sand rose and dispersed, still allowing for field of vision to be acceptable. The man before me had fear coursing through his veins. I doubt he had ever felt something so powerful. I looked passed him noticing that I was facing the announcers box, the looks of fear on all the judges and the audiences faces were the wood to my fire. They would pay. They are going to pay. No one uses me as such. I will not be a disposable toy for them anymore.

I could see the uncertainty and the fear within Rosalie“s eyes. It made me content. All the love I once thought I felt for her, was long gone. She took everything from me. And now she has Julie. I cannot and will not accept that. Julie is mine and no one else can have her.

I turned my attention back to the man in front of me. He tried to release his staff. He tried to flee. Nothing was working. He was routed to the spot.

Suddenly the staff snapped sending a shockwave outwards, throwing both the sand and the other four men towards the arena walls. Embedding the men into the walls as if they were apart of them the entire time. All four lay within

y cant I control it? It is mine now. It should just bow down and obey its new master!" She shouted as she tried to control the flames that attempted to surround her. It was the rain that washed the flames away, but the control she had on them.

"They do not bow down to a lesser being. Once a dragon, always a dragon." I said with my voice still laced with the hundreds that was there before. "You are not worthy of holding their power. You are not worthy to control the power of the Dragon Prince."

"This is my power now. It should listen to me." She shouted in anger as her claws reverted back into her old hands, her tail shrivelling up and returning to her body. Her eyes fighting to remain as the dragon“s but inevitably returned to their previous colour.

"That is where you are wrong Fairy." My voice sounded out. How did I know she was a Fairy? Where did this piece of knowledge come from? She has never told me what she was? How is this possible? "I am the Dragon Prince. And I will retrieve my Mate from your filthy possession."

"What?" She asked taken aback. Confusion lacing her features. "How did you know?" She added as she took a step back before a sudden realisation came to her. "Wait, I am your Mate. You should want to be with me." She said with a dark smile upon her lips.

"That was when my true Mate was within me. I could not have her." I said as I took a step forward. "Fate then gave me a new Mate to continue my bloodline. Now that she is no longer within me and and no longer unattainable, Fate has righted itself. I will have her. You will not keep her from me." I shouted as I lunged forward.

Punching the air in front of her chest, sending out powerful lightning bolts from my fist into her body. Letting the lightning ripple within her, destroying her from the inside out.

She fell to the ground with blood seeping from her lips as I stood above her, my bright blue glowing eyes holding no remorse for what I had just done.

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