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   Chapter 21

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Just as quickly as Julie had appeared, Rosalie took control. The look of anger flooding through her features. If it was even possible, she seemed angrier now than she did before. She glared down in my direction for a good few seconds before a smirk covered her lips.

How did this even make sense? How did I see Julie in Rosalie? Is she able to take over control? Does this mean that she still lives?

"And now for the main event." Rosalie said loudly with a smile on her face. Whatever she had decided, it would seem that she was overly content with it. Just what did she plan? "Our champion has to prove himself worthy of that title. And you all know what that means." She said clearly happy at her decision.

"The champion will now have to fight five of our challengers, with a weapon of our choice." She continued as her smile grew, a dark tint appeared in her eyes. She was enjoying this far too much. This was nowhere near the Rosalie I knew before. Something must have happened.

But this is too much. How am I going to fight five men. With a weapon that I did not choose. My hopes for surviving this round just diminished. I was not going to survive this. But I needed to, If Julie can still fight, then so will I.

"The weapon that the outstanding men behind me and I have chosen for our fighters will be the Bō staff. Now lets give a generous cheer for our fighters." She almost shouted as the crowd erupted into a frenzy. Just great. A blunt force weapon. Just what I needed. Any semblance of hope and desire to win vanished in an instant.

The door behind me opened and the crowd seemed to cheer far louder than before. I turned with a start to see five men, the same height as Juggernaught. A few inches taller tan me. However, all five were of leaner builds. Very similar to each other. A few had scars prominently displayed on their torsos while others were smooth skinned. All five had strawberry blonde hair. Just where did they find all these blondes?

In each of their right hands, they held a dark brown staff, with the man in the front holding two. One must definitely be mine. Suddenly a whip of fire wrapped itself around the blade of my sword and yanked it backwards. The sudden movement deterring my focus from the five fighters to where my sword had gone.

I saw the man with the whips that brought me to the arena with a smile on his face as he stood proudly n

Time seemed to slow down. Differently from the previous time. Memories flashed before my eyes reminding me of who I am and what I have lost.

The foster parents who used me to receive their monthly cheques. The fact that I thought I was alone most of my life. Meeting Julie at the first day of the academy. Seeing her smile for the first time. Her arm wrapped around mine. Then the memories turned into a nightmare.

I saw Julie finding Bo. Her telling me of their encounter, effectively cementing their union. The break I felt when she told me. My decision to die. The moment I turned into a full dragon. Releasing my powers. The light that burned a hole through my chest. Julie giving her life to save mine. Rosalie.

Her betrayal. The feeling of when she touched me. The love I felt towards her. Then her betrayal once again. I felt it over and over again. The break within me when I truly realised that I was going to die with no one to help me.

I felt alone. I felt betrayed. I felt useless.

I couldn“t do anything as I watched the staff growing closer and closer towards my head.

As it was a few centimeters away from me, something within me snapped. As if breaking free from a prison that was supposed to hold it for an eternity.

"Enough." I said with a voice not my own. It was laced with hundreds of voices. My tone deepening far beyond what a human would normally be capable of.

The staff stopping abruptly above my head as if stopped by an unseen force. The staff seemed to be fighting the force as it began to splinter and break. Then power erupted throughout my body.

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