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   Chapter 20

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I watched as the sword grew closer and closer to me. My mind blanking at what I should do. My body tensed as the large man came within a meter of me. Planted his back right foot and stomping hard with his left which was in front of him. Using the momentum of his sprint, he put his weight on his forefoot, bringing the sword around his right. It was quick. Too quick.

I brought up the swords in my hands, just quick enough to block the attack to my left. Using both swords side by side, as if hoping it would block this monsters strike. It would seem my instinct was only half right. The power in the attack breaking through the first sword with ease, as the second one held. The power then force me to my right, jettisoning me into the ground, rolling a few dozen meters. Dust clouds sprouting forth behind me. The wind knocked from me.

How could a man be that strong? Was he not a fighter that had his powers removed? Why couldn“t he be a simple human? The pain in my side was overwhelming. The pain taking over my senses.

I managed to get into a kneeling position, discarding the broken sword in my left hand. Blood spat from my mouth as I took in a deep breath, try to regain my composure. I looked up, funnelling the noise around me from my hearing. Focusing on the fight. I needed to win. I can“t die like this.

The large man with the broadsword slowly made his way over to me. Dragging his sword behind him. A smile upon his face. I think he thought this would be an easy fight. Maybe he was right, maybe he wasn“t.

I tried to stand, but found my body rooted to the spot I was kneeling upon. Using all my strength I tried to break free. Unable to. Grunting in pain a pushed my body to its limits, trying to force my way through. Thick large black chains slowly faded into existence, covering my legs, arms, torso, neck, and abdomen. These chains restricting all movement.

I felt a small spark within me as a familiar warmth erupted throughout my body. The chain surrounding my legs began to crack as I shouted harder. Why do these chains look so damn familiar? I thought to myself.

As the chains cracked, I failed to notice the silence the crowd had now possessed. They watched the show with a mixture of confusion and awe. Yet the large man with the broad sword continued his way towards me. It would seem that nothing would stand in his way in killing me. Not even the unusual sight of the black chains surrounding me could deter him from his purpose.

The chain was almost broken, but it took too long. The large man was right in front of me with h

ng where I was previously, yet surprise overtook him when he realised that I did not wait. I did not let this moment go.

This was a fight to the death and I would not let my emotions and morals get the better of me. Julie would hate me if I do. After all she gave up for me. I should not allow myself to die this soon.

I appeared right in front of him as I thrust my sword forward. The sword now in my right hand. The sword avoided his left arm as it embedded itself into his chest, above his left peck. Blood poured from his mouth as I pushed the sword further.

My deep breathing making the scene far more frightening that I would normally be. I pulled the sword out of his chest as I leaned back and kicked his chest, causing him to fall backwards. His left hand released his injured arm as he fell lifeless.

I flicked my sword to my right, getting most of the blood off of it as it splattered against the sand.

I looked up at the announcers box that I failed to notice before. It was opposite the entrance and raised a dozen meters into the air. My eyes landed on a familiar blonde with am angry expression. Was she angry that I survived? Did she hope that I would die?

As she was seething in rage, a bright yellow glow quickly flashed across her eyes. Her anger fading instantly. A look of adoration and sadness filled her face. As a lone tear fell from her left eye. A bright smile found its way onto her lips. A look of love quickly replacing the adoration in her eyes.

A look that was all to familiar to me. It was a look that I remembered every time I closed my eyes. The look that the one I loved gave me when she gave her life to save mine.

"Julie?" I asked softly as I dropped my sword.

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