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   Chapter 19

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As I lay in my three meter by four meter metal barred cell, my thoughts wondered to Rosalie. She seemed so detached. As if this was her real self. It broke me further when I saw her taking pleasure in my discomfort. In the hurt her appearance gave me. All I could do now was wait with my thoughts until I was taken somewhere else.

The bed I lay upon was a steel frame chained to the wall. With only a pillow and a thin heavily stained white blanket. The pain of everything finally coming forward. The pain of losing my dragon. My other self. The pain of losing another person who I thought could be someone I could love. Someone who I could lean on.

I felt empty. As if nothing was within me. No hope. No joy. No power. It was unnerving as well as breaking. How did I miss the fact that Rosalie was working for the enemies? How could I let myself fall into another doomed relationship? Why does this always happen to me?

I heard footsteps approaching my cell which caused me to quickly stand up with a slight sens of fear running through me. I backed up to the end of my cell trying to get to the end of it. I knew that if this person was here for me, then something must have been moved up. Maybe it was time for me to make my debut.

Then a man came into view, wearing light blue jeans with a dark red v-neck shirt. Only either side of his waist, hung a whip. He seemed to be just over six feet tall, with light brown eyes and dirty blonde curly locks. His jaw was hard set and his lips thin. His nose hooked slightly to the left as if broken a few times.

He came to a stop in front of my cell with a smirk upon his lips. The bars to the cell suddenly shifted and shot downwards, opening the cell to the outside.

"Come on." The man said with a slightly high pitched voice. A voice that did not match his medium muscular build. "It“s time to die." He added as he took a step back waiting for me to exit.

I tried to think of ways to leave, but with no power it would be nigh impossible. So I gave up for now and decided to follow the man with the whips. I walked behind him for close to ten minutes before we descended now a few flights of stairs. The stairs leading to large heavy thick oak doors with an intricate flowing design carved into it.

I could only imagine what was going on behind t

at should rival the greatest. A fight that all would enjoy." She continued and I could almost imagine a large smile upon her lips. She was enjoying this. "Our challengers name is Arthur!" She added loudly as the doors suddenly opened outwards. The man behind me pushed me forward, at the same time he ripped my long sleeve shirt off of me, leaving me in my trousers.

I stumbled forward, as I took a glance behind me as the man tossed my shirt aside as if it was revolting for him to tough it. I continued to walk forward slowly, hoping to delay the inevitable. As I entered the arena, the sun blinded me slightly. The reflection off the vast sand before me, causing my eyes discomfort. The sand pressing between my toes.

The crowd booed at my entry making me aware who they wanted to win. The large man with the broadsword stood tall as he let the swords tip rest against the ground to his right. A look of disgust and concentration plastered across his face.

The scars scattered across my body suddenly making me wary. With the dragon“s pride no longer with me, I felt ashamed to be putting them on display.

Suddenly loud footsteps erupted in front of me while I was within my little trance. The sound of which, brought me out. I looked up and saw the large man sprinting towards me with his broadsword in both hands and pointing behind him. I could see his muscles tense as he put his power into his swing.

I stood shocked at the sudden beginning, as I watched the sword get closer and closer to me. Wondering what I should do.

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