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   Chapter 18

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I stared up at the man before me. His facial features betraying nothing. He stood emotionless, his hands clasped behind him. My mind completely blank.

How could something like this be possible? There is no way he was telling me the truth. It just couldn“t be true. If it was, then why would he abandon me for all these years? Why would he let me think I was alone in this world? And why would he be doing something like this?

"It is amusing to see you trying to figure it out." My apparent father said with a smirk. The temperature in the room not yet falling, and becoming uncomfortable for me. This is a new sensation for me. Does this mean that I have no fire abilities at all?

"Why?" Was all I could ask as far too many thoughts began to flood through my head.

My father slowly walked over to me covering the few meters distance over the course of a dozen seconds. The smirk long gone from his lips. He stopped and stared down at me.

"You look like your mother." He said with venom lacing his tone. Obviously the comparison is not something he likes, nor does it seem to explain anything further. All I could tell was that maybe the relationship between my mother and father, might not have been as prosperous as I had imagined.

"Who?" Another one word question escaped my lips. My composure still not reforming. This situation was still far too much for me.

"I go by the name Quin." He said and another smirk crossed his lips as he noticed the recognition that passed through me. How was this possible? How is my father the leader of the enemies? He is the one responsible for so many deaths and possibly a war in the near future. "I see you know of me." His smirk grew. "Then this will be good. I don“t have to explain that many things."

"How is this possible?" I said softly as my gaze dropped to the ground. However, I did not say it soft enough as my father heard it clearly.

"Why would you ask such a question?" He asked as his smirk disappeared. "Does it not make sense that the rebellion is led by a dragon? The creature that the world has condemned and slaughtered? The magnificent beast that has been killed off? Survived only by us? Well me, anyway.

"The world deemed themselves worthy of becoming the judges and the executioners. Due to their own weaknesses, they thought is right to exterminate an entire race. They cannot be forgiven for their actions. They must pay." He added as smoke began to leak

t opened slowly. Letting in the loud cheers and that clashing of metal to burst throughout the room. "Here she is."

I could barely lift my head anymore, let alone look up at her. But a sense of dread overcame me. A sense of foreboding that told me that whomever it was, it was not something that I could handle. This alone made it even harder to look up.

My mind wondering through all the events in my life that has led me to this point. The first foster family that was a part of. The nightly disciplining that became a normal occurrence. The first moment that I met Julie. The extravagance that erupted from her mere presence. The moment she told me about Bo. The moment I decided to kill myself. The beam of light that led to Julie giving up her essence to keep me alive.

The moment when Rosalie appeared at the old academies headmistresses office. The fight that showed my abilities to all present when I fought Bo“s brother. When Rosalie touched my chest. The way my dragon reacted to her. The moment I met my dragon. The big black box that seemed to hold a power that should not be made known. The moment I was kidnapped.

"You really are pathetic aren“t you." I heard a familiar voice that made my blood run cold. I pleaded to the heavens above that I had merely misheard. There was no way that she was here. There was no way she was working for my father. She couldn“t. It“s impossible. I slowly lifted my head to confirm my suspicions. When my gaze met hers, my hopes dropped. All emotion failed me except for a feeling of betrayal. It was really her.

"Rosalie?" I asked softly not really expecting an answer.

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