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   Chapter 17

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It felt as if I was floating in nothing. With only the darkness surrounding my entire figure. Not knowing what direction I was facing. Barely able to feel anything. Yet able to feel the pain that has now continued to constantly flood through me.

As if my chest was being ripped apart due to an exterior source of immense strength rather than any sort of precision surgical motion.

My eyes suddenly burst open, a white light covering my entire range of vision. The pain of the blinding light flooding through my eyes. Yet the pain itself, making me unable to close my eyes. It took a few moments before the pain washed away, allowing me to adjust my eyes to the brightness of the room.

I found myself in a pure white room with silver tables and surgical equipment. Well, I say equipment, but it is more like objects that are solely for the surgery instead of the full range of everything that is needed. I could see the dark red stains on most of the equipment, letting me know that have have already been used.

To my right was the silver table with the bloodied equipment, while to my left was a large white door with a single rectangle window that mirrored out. Not allowing me to see through.

Above me was a large circular light attached to a manoeuvre rig. I tried to move my body, finding both my arms and leg tightly strapped against the silver steel table. I managed to lift my head enough to see the bindings and noted that they were the same chains that captured me.

Looking at my body, I found myself only with a sheet covering my lower region. Other than that, not a stitch covered my entire body. The sheet stained red along with my chest. But the weird thing was that my torso looked almost untouched, except for three holes. One in the center of each peck, and then one just below the center of my rib cage. The holes almost the same size as my pinky finger.

No pain came from those holes, but I could still see some blood slowly seeping from the openings.

No matter how much I tried, I couldn“t feel any part of my power. I couldn“t feel the connection to the fire or to my dragon that was previously so prominent. I felt alone.

First Julie, and now Rosalie seemed to have betrayed me. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Maybe she was just trying to help. But going by the fact that I could not feel any ounce

g without him having to move.

"Victor Mc“Arthur." The man began in a deep voice. His voice holding a thick Scottish accent. However, I could still understand him. I managed to get into a sitting position as I leaned backwards. Only now noticing my state of dress. "I would have preferred you dressed. This is quite unnerving." He said as he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers. The doors to my right opened and in stepped a man almost as large as the black suited man, with a black suit and white collared shirt. His short blonde hair slicked back.

"You called, sir." The man said in a soft tone. Yet it held an immense respect towards the man he address.

"Clothe him please." The man in black said slightly bored.

"Of course." The man replied with a soft bow of his head as he looked over to me. He raised his right hand and as it began to glow a bright white, I felt my body suddenly warm. Clothes appeared on my body as if I was dressed from the beginning. However, it was more rags than anything resembling normal clothes.

I was in light brown trousers that had seen many better days before. A few rips on the left leg. I was wearing a light brown long sleeve shirt that had a few tears across the torso and back. A big “144“ written in red across the top.

"That“s better." The man in black said not giving the other man another glance. After a few seconds the doors closed and it was only myself and the man in black left. His gaze affixed on mine.

"Hello son." The man said as he stood up. The room“s temperature suddenly rising.

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