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   Chapter 16

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Rosalie and I were back in the Elite dorm room with me sitting on the couch that overlooked the windows and the view beyond. Rosalie busy in the kitchen, making enough noise that would usually have me worried. But at this point, I could not focus on that. All I could think about was the unknown monster that made itself at home within my body. How long has it been there?

He has been here a while. Julie“s voice erupted throughout my mind. Calming me down as always. Yet her sentence gave me more answers that the soothing power it had. How did she know it was a “he“? How did she know that he had been there a while? Does she know what he is? Is she aware of something that has not been made known to myself?

What do you mean? I asked her within my mind as I leaned forward resting my arms elbows on my knees and my thumbs under my chin, holding my head up. How can you know that?

I am apart of you. I know many things about who you are and what you are made of. Julie answered with slight joy evident within her words. It would appear that she was enjoying my own confusion.

Care to share any details? I asked hoping that she would have mercy on me and tell me the things that I needed to hear.

I want to rather talk about the fact that you deny you feel something for Rosalie. She said in a tone that made it sound as if she was sulking mockingly. Why was she adamant that I cared for Rosalie? What did she want out of a talk such as this?

I don“t feel anything for her. Please stop bringing this up. I told her hoping that she could finally stop her pestering in regards to this topic.

You“re in denial. She said with a soft chuckle, making me clench my hands in frustration. It“s quite cute really.

You“re not helping. I added as I dropped my arms but kept my hands clasped together.

I stood up slowly as I gazed out over the academy through the large windows. Wondering what my life would have in store for me. How long could I withstand before I ended up showing the world who I really was. Or what I was.

Suddenly the elevator doors blew outwards as a dense dark grey smoke poured in through the opening. The blast itself almost echoing throughout the floor. I turned in time to notice four thick black chains making a straight course towards where I was standing

ts. I felt my power dull as if the connection between it and myself was slowly dissipating. The water users moved a new source of water and made it snake around my neck, rising quickly as it covered my head.

With the source of oxygen cut off from me, the connection to my power lessened at a quicker pace. The man that was combat orientated rushed forward and smashed his right fist into my stomach, causing me to lose the reserve oxygen that my body held.

My vision began to fade as shouts echoed throughout my head. Failing to understand the individual words, I knew whoever was speaking was trying to get my attention.

"" Were the only words I could hear with everything happening. But what shocked me more than the fact that these five men had defeated me was something I would want to deny most of all.

My vision fading was one thing, but the short bursts clear vision showed me the one question that my subconscious was asking. The question that my mind ignored as I fought for my life.

Because what I saw was the man with the chains standing in front of all the rest with a very familiar blonde standing at his side. No smile on her face. No emotion. Merely standing there with her arms crossed in front of her. I caught the glimpse of the nod she gave the man with the chains before she turned and walked towards the elevator doors.

The man with the chains tightened the binds bringing my body into an unconscious state.

With my last thought being, “how could she do this to me?“.

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