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   Chapter 15

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On the plateau, besides myself, where two entities. One I could recognise. One I expected to see. However the second entity, albeit now fully visible, was something that I did not expect to behold.

The one I recognised, was the large orange dragon that I could turn into. The dragon that was my other self. The second part to my essence. Its bright red eyes watching my every move. It was smaller than I expected, but its magnificence was still overwhelming. My dragon standing to the right of the plateau, and the second entity on the left.

What I saw was a pitch black box with thick golden chains wrapped around it. The box was over twenty meters tall and twenty meters wide. The chains as think as a grown mans thigh. Whatever was in that box was not something that willingly went in.

"Don“t focus too much on that box, boy." My dragon said with a voice like growl. Its words sufficiently clear for my understanding. "He is not someone you want to offend." The dragon added as it waddled up to me. Raising his head as if to show his superiority. The pride of dragon“s was truly a magnificent sight to behold.

"Are you...?" I asked as I let my question trail off.

"Yes I am." The dragon said as he lowered his head until his snout was mere inches from my body. Taking a deep sniff as if trying to enforce my scent within his memories. Although, the true reason why he sniffed me was not something I understood nor even knew.

After the dragon seemed satisfied he lifted his head once more and lowered his body laying against the stone below. His body now blocking the black box from my view. Whether he did that on purpose or not was not going to be made known to me anytime soon.

"Why do you deny yourself who you are?" The dragon asked seemingly annoyed at this subject at hand.

"What do you mean?" I asked him not knowing what he was speaking of.

"Why do you refused to let your nature be known? Why do you hide yourself in secret?" The dragon let out a loud growl deep within his chest. The questions themselves seemingly angering him. "Why are hiding our race?" He added as he looked down upon me with an air of disgust.

"Because if I don“t, I will be hunted." I began as I took a step back slightly afraid of the dragon before me. "Our entire race is dead, with me as the last. I need to hide and reform our race. Our lineage." I continued as if trying, begging him to understand why I am doing the things I am.

"Peh." The dragon scoffed as his waved his head, not believing my words. "You are the last of our kind. Our prince. Yet you hide in fear. Shameful!" The dragon almost shouted with smoke beginning to leak from its sno

tunned. Although she could not understand fully what was happening, she still seemed to get the gist of it.

"This crystal has the capabilities of measuring power far beyond anything this world can through at it, and yet it broke." Headmistresses Penelope continued as if trying to convince herself of the events that had unfolded. "Unless..." She let her voice trail off as she lifted her gaze and met her eyes with mine.

"Unless, what?" I asked dumbly as I retracted my hands before I brought my right hand to my left to softly rub my palm and the back of my hand with my right thumb and other fingers.

"Although it can measure power, I have not seen nor heard of a circumstance of a blowback."She answered me as she sat back into her chair with the previous slump still evident. "The only explanation that I can accept is that this is the first occurrence of inner power fighting back. As if pushing the power probe away from its source."

"What does that mean though?" I asked as my mind began to run rampant. Does this mean that I cannot pass this placement? Does this mean that I cannot become an Elite? Just what sort of power can accomplish something like this? Why did I have to be the one to house this power? After everything that has happened to me, and now this.

"It means that there is something within you that does not want to be found. That does not want to be known. Something that can directly challenge the might of dragons with no fear of retaliation." Penelope continued as she explained to me the idea that was currently running through her mind.

"What can do that?" I asked as I regained my composure, except the confusion and non-understanding of my own self still remained.

"I have no idea." She replied with a soft shake of her head.

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