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   Chapter 14

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POV - Victor

My mind was still blank and confused after the events that happened at the reception desk with Rosalie. How is something like that possible? Why am I feeling this urge towards her? Why is it so hard to fight my instincts at this moment? It seems that if I let my guard down, even for one second, it could take over and I would take a back seat to my own body. Something that I do not want to happen.

I need to remain focused. Clutching my robes that Rosalie pushed into my chest, I used that motion to keep me sane. To make my mind focus on the reality before me. To keep me planted.

The ride in the elevator towards the head mistresses office seemed long. Far to long. The close proximity to Rosalie was almost overriding my conscience. Due to this, I could not determine any sort of time length that had passed from the ground floor to the floor that we arrived at. My mind still unable to think properly, not registering the floor that was our destination.

It wasn“t until the elevator doors opened, that I regained my composure. Regained my thought process. Yet the powerful aura that suddenly filled the air around me seemed to press hard against my body. As if trying to burying me into the cement of the floor. Pressing me through until I break pass the barrier and fly towards the lower floors.

It took most of my power to barely stay standing. Sweat filled my brow, as the flames that surrounded my body began to flicker uncontrollably, threatening to extinguish.

My eyes wide open as I struggled to remain standing. The familiar heat within them making me sure that they have already changed from the normal circular pupils, into their reptilian slits. My eyes glowing golden as the enormous will to not back down surged forth.

Then in an instant that powerful air suddenly vanished. As if it was never there. My body fell forwards a few paces as the flames surrounding me surged upwards, spanning the entire ceiling surface. My inner power fuelled by my pride as a dragon, not allowing me to fully calm down. How could I allow someone to think they are better than me?

Through all this, I did not realize that my thinking process had changed. Where I had previously not cared about this, now it was becoming a prominent feature of my personality. Allowing my dragon side some form of control had begun to change who I really was. Making me fall into the previous facade“s of the dragons of old.

I rushed forward trying to find the source of the power only faintly hearing Rosalie“s voice behind me. Shouting for me to calm down and not to continue forward as I was. But I was incapable of listening at this point.

I didn“t take in my surroundings. The corridor that lead from the elevator to the

ared to be far younger than I had initially thought or maybe it was because of her power that I thought she would not be within a menial position such as this one.

"Before we continue with this conversation, of which, is very important, we need to complete the task of your placement." She continued as she returned to the back of her desk. Taking her seat as she was before. Gesturing with her right hand, she motioned me forward.

Slowly I responded with my first step before Rosalie pushed me forward. After a few seconds I was standing before the desk watching the eyes of the smiling headmistress.

"The placement is as follows. First, place both your hands on either side of the crystal, with your palms pressed firmly into the desk." Headmistress Atkins began as she motioned towards the spots on the desk that she indicated towards. "Once placed, you will need to close your eyes and visualise the power within yourself. Focusing on the very essence of who you are and who you are meant to be. Once you have visualised that, the crystal will automatically extract your potential. Showing all those present if you are truly welcome within the Elite“s."

Listening to her explanation, I placed my hands on either side of the crystal and pressed firmly against the desk. Closing my eyes I lifted my head slightly. Calming my self as I brought my breathing into an almost hypnotic rhythm.

My mind instantly blanked as I fell inwards. Letting myself get lost within my own consciousness. It felt like years before I find an exit, which came in the form of a stone plateau that was three hundred meters in diameter. Surrounded by black flames that shone with a strange white glow. As if announcing its presence against the pitch black beyond.

However, I was not alone on the plateau. Nor did I see what I expected.


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