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   Chapter 13

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POV - Rosalie (Only POV Change)

I can“t believe I was walking around with a half naked man. This is so embarrassing. Especially since he looks like that. I just know that rumors will be flying about in no time. But why did it have to be Victor? I mean he is sort of handsome. And that smile of his...

No! Rosalie get a hold of yourself. I told myself as I was mentally screaming. I cannot have these feelings. I cannot be like this. Especially because of his situation.

But regardless, that fight. He was amazing. I thought that he would let his dragon side out, but luckily for us, he didn“t. The control he showed was truly amazing.

But I need to keep a level head. I am Rosalie Harris. Ranked sixth within the academy. I cannot let something like this phase me so much. I need to remain strong. I need to remain as is.

Walking alongside Victor towards the main academy building, I began to slowly feel at ease. Even if he was dressed in some sort of fire robe. It was a good look, don“t get me wrong, but it was going to attract a fair amount of attention.

The looks on the receptionists faces was spectacular. Their eyes widened when they Victor and their mouths opened slightly. They didn“t move for a good seven or so seconds before their minds suddenly started working. Bianca was the first to regain her composure.

She lifted her empty hand with her palm facing upwards as she closed the small distance between us. Suddenly out of thin air, Victor“s two dark blue robes appeared atop them. I still could not get used to that. She is one of the few rare Constructors of the supernatural world. Although the name suggests constructing something from nothing, it was more of a teleportation ability on non-living entities.

I took hold of Victor“s robes before I quickly pushed them against his chest. The robes themselves would not be damaged from his fire as they had been enchanted by the school“s resident Alchemist. The enchantments allowing for the near indestructible ability as long at it conformed to two rules. Worn by the appropriate user as well as protection only against the users own abil

gan to wonder if his presence actually meant disaster rather than any positive reasoning.

Due to my ability that came with what I am, I knew why the head mistress actually wanted him here, but still the uncertainty of what could happen stayed. The many truths that I would need to hide from him meant that if he knew even a portion, then his trust of me would plummet.

The problem I am currently facing is one that he could never know. A truth that he could never find out. It might mean the end of any sort of relationship between us. It is a risk that I cannot take.

I would have to fight for every little inch of his trust and most certainly do not want to fall short of anything. I may be exaggerating my wants at this point, but it means everything to me. Even knowing him for this short of time makes me think this way, which is why this is so confusing.

Why and how could this be possible? Why did it have to be me? Why is it possible for him to have two? And why did his first still have to be present? This is not how this sort of thing works. He should only have one during his duration. Whether it is the first or the fifth, he should still only have one at a time.

How much would he hate me if he knew what I kept from him? How angry would he be when he realizes that the one he loved is not the center of his heart anymore?

How angry would he be when he finds out that I can speak to Julie?

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