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   Chapter 12

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I stood upon the far left stage staring intently at Jake. With me at the north end and he the south. The fourth match had already ended by this time and the Elite“s held onto the overwhelming victory across the board. Four wins. Soon to be five.

Time passed slowly as our gazes locked. The rest of the students only watched on in silence. One person who held onto a smothering reputation against another who was nothing in their eyes. A new piece of meat to grind to uplift their rankings. It would seem that none of them saw me as an Elite.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." The announcer“s voice burst over the sound system built into the arena. Without any distortion, it would be as if he was standing right next to you. "We have an unexpected fifth battle for you to witness. From the fifth year, ranked eighty three. Jake Scaro!" The announcer almost shouted which resulted in the screams and shouts of admiration from the audience. It would seem that even though he is not the greatest of men, he still had fans. "And to the transfer, ranked four thousandth and forty one. Victor Mc“Arthur!" Silence.

I didn“t let the audience“s silence faze me in any way as I focused my mind at the task at hand. I needed to remain calm enough to not let my real nature show through, but still win this battle. I couldn“t let the name of the Elite“s be ruined by attaching it to Jake“s name.

Didn“t the announcer say Jake“s last name was Scaro? Does that mean he is related to Bo? It can“t be. I thought Bo was an only child.

"Is there any relation to Bo?" I asked Jake as a slightly confused look crossed my features.

"How do you know my younger brother?" He asked with surprise filling his eyes.

His answer angering me. That means that there is another like Bo. Someone more powerful. The fact that Bo even touched Julie made me want to exterminate his entire family. My anger rose further and further at the memory of Bo“s arm around Julie“s shoulders.

"Contestants, begin!" The announcer shouted after a few moments. Jake“s arms lifting as they began to shimmer before catching alight. A bright orange flame, purer than Bo“s erupted forth covering his clenched fists.

Fire shot down from above me as it collided with my entire body. Smashing into the arena floor below. Although the impact of the blast did not affect the floor, the heat most certainly affected the first few rows of the audience. The flames covering a dozen meter diameter as if quickly formed into a large ball of intense flames. Rotating clockwise at a tremendous speed.

Jake“s laughter ran out over the crowd as they themselves sho

tself. Cratering it underneath him. If he was ranked in the eighties, then this school“s power was lacking substance. Hopefully the single digit rankers are able to push me further. Otherwise what is the point. I need to push myself to greater heights if I want to fight equally against this Quin.

The entire audience was silent as they watched the fighter that they had previously cheered for was utterly defeated without resistance. It seemed as if their minds couldn“t understand why it happened. Yet it did.

After a few moments they crowd erupted into cheers as the fight result was announced. The announcer himself seemed unsure of his words.

I left Jake there as a few of the older students came forward and rushed to his aid. I instead walked off to find Rosalie. Having my clothes utterly torched, I needed the fire to remain around me. I controlled the heat enough to not bother her when she was once again by my side.

When I walked alongside her on the way to the academy building once more, I noticed that she was quite quiet. When I turned to face her, I found her cheeks holding a slight tint of red. She seemed embarrassed about something. Maybe it was my half nakedness.

I willed the fire to crawl up my torso until it wrapped around mu chest and abdomen. At the end, it looked as if I was clad in a fire sleeveless robe. Dulling the heat further, the fire began to take on a soft blue colour.

"Is this better?" I asked her and noticed her jumping a little. Maybe she was too involved within her own thoughts that the mere sound of my voice caused her a small fright.

"W-w-what?" She let out in an almost squeaky voice as her gaze found mine. Her cheeks rising in the red colour that made itself ever present.

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