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   Chapter 11

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I stood wide eyed at the view before me. It was on a whole other level form what I witnessed back at the Prestigious International Magical Arts Academy. The amount of students alone out right won against my previous academy. My only thought was that I wanted Julie here with me. Instead of looking out through my eyes.

"Rosalie, who is this?" A deep voice sounded out to our right. The voice contained two very forthcoming emotions. One was the lust towards Rosalie when he said her name, and the other was the disgust when he referred to me. Strange, he had never met me before and already hated me.

"Victor." Rosalie said without taking her eyes off the fights below. "He is the transfer student into the Elite class."

"Elite class?" The boy said with so much surprise that it brought my attention to him. He stood a head taller than me with medium length dirty blonde curly locks. His dark blue eyes giving him a look that said two things. One was to take him as an innocent boy who was righteous, but the shadow over his eyes showed his true intent. He was by far not innocent nor righteous.

He wore the same dark green robe that the challengers below wore. So it would appear that he was a fifth year at this academy. When his gaze switched between me and Rosalie, you could see the difference in how he regarded us. He wanted Rosalie as his woman, yet wanted me removed from the picture.

"Is he really that powerful?" The blonde boy said with disbelief. "He is so scrawny, there has to be a mistake." He added as he looked me up and down. Apparently sizing me up.

"Then tell that to the headmistress." Rosalie said with her gaze still on the fights at hand. Two of the four had already ended in overwhelming victories for the blue robe clad men. Obviously the Elites had won and retained their positions. "Why are you bothering me, Jake?" She added as her gaze quickly switched from the fights to Jake as a dark look appeared within her eyes.

"I wanted to catch up. You have been away for a few days now." Jake said with a soft smile on his lips. A smile that did not have any genuine emotion other than the wanting he projected towards her. "After all, you are my fiancé." He added as a look of victory spread across his face.

"Nothing has been agreed upon. Therefore, we are nothing." She blatantly denied his statement. However, the look upon his face did not waver.

"You know as well as I do, that your father cannot risk not marrying into my family." Jake said as he approached her. Closing the distance between her from a few meters to two. I saw a look of disgust cross Rosalie“s features as

suddenly joined our conversation. "You should heed his warning. It is not an empty threat."

"How dare you go against your fiancé and side with a beggar?" Jake shouted as he regarded Rosalie. His anger no longer within his control. "If he is an Elite, then I challenge him. I challenge him for his position." Jake said with a smile as if he knew he would win.

His own spoiled nature making it impossible for him to understand the difference between us. Making him think that just because of his family, he could do anything he wanted without reprieve.

"He only just arrived." Rosalie said with concern filling her voice. "Don“t let your corrupt way of thinking ruin you." She added hoping that Jake would let it go. Hoping that he would listen to her for once in his life.

"Now you are trying to save him!" Jake said as his voice rose trying to lead everyone around us into thinking that I was weak. That I would let a woman protect me, instead of the other way around. Especially since I already claimed her. I knew that she would not like that and could only hope she forgot when this situation was over. "The challenge stands, and if he refuses, then everyone here will know that he is not worthy of his title of an Elite."

"I accept." I said as his sneer began to piss me off. My entire being not liking the way he was speaking to Rosalie. "Let“s go." I added and gestured towards the stages. Three now free of contestants.

"Victor, please." Rosalie said softly as she made her way to my right. "You can“t do this."

"Don“t worry, I won“t kill him." I said hoping that it would unnerve Jake a bit.

"It“s not him I“m worried about." She said softly. I could barely hear what she had as Jake and I walked away towards the stages.

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