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   Chapter 10

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Julie didn“t speak after what I told her. After what I had resolved to do. I felt within my heart that it was needed in order for me to survive. It was needed for me to continue existing. It was my one mission now. The mission that I would stake everything I was to gain the rewards. It gaze upon her face once more.

I knew she could tell what I was thinking. Even without her voicing her concerns or sarcastic remarks. Yet I didn“t care. I wanted her to know everything. I wanted her to know the extent I would go to in order to bring her back. I wanted her to know the extent the heart she replaced felt for her.

Rosie stormed out of the passage with a slightly red face as she eerily refused to make eye contact with me. For the idiot I was, I failed to understand why she was feeling this way.

"Come with me." She said as she soldiered on towards the elevator. She now wore a long sleeve short dress that reached about half way up her thighs, with a pair of black stockings underneath. Why she had changed did not even register within my mind. Julie was right, she is rather cute.

Her breathing picked up as she clenched her hands into fists. Keeping her back towards my slowly walking figure. I began to wonder why she would have brought me up here to only leave so soon. What else did she have to show me?

"I have been asked to show you around the academy." She said as her tensed muscles loosened slightly and her fists slowly unravelled. "From where you will live, to the commercial district, to the main school buildings, and even the arena where tournaments are held."

"Commercial district?" I asked when she seemed to have finished. The concept around it still a little foreign to me.

"Basically a mall within the academy." She said as the elevator doors opened. Albeit the time it took to open, it should have registered in my mind that it was far too long. Stepping into the elevator, she finished her short explanation. "Restaurants, clothing stores, basic everyday items, to the more entertainment oriented side of things. Since the prestige of our academy is high, the level of shops within it are all high end. The restaurants ranking within the top fifty of the world."

"That“s amazing." I told her honestly, only now wondering why she was doing this and not another student. If she held tremendous abilities, then surely she should have been let off the hook. A lesser student was more fitted for a job such as this.

"There are various reasons as to why I am giving you this tour. Far too many to explain." She said as the elevator doors closed in front of us. She stood with her arms crossed over her chest not sparing me a single glance. "But one thing is for certain, the amount of people that should know what you are, has to remain as little as possible. Hence my presence here." She added as we watched the floor numbers count down.

"Why exactly am I here though? What is my purpose?" I asked her trying to figure out the exact reason as to why I was given this opportunity. My hands fin

th a thick seam running along the center of the roof. As if it could open up to expose it inner contents.

The dome was at least a few hundred meters wide and as well as long. The entire outer structure of the dome had a metallic look to it as if it was meticulously crafted from the finest silver metals of the world. There were no windows nor vents which was something that I did not recognise when I first saw it. It would only be pointed out to me at a later stage.

The front of the dome, or what I took to be the front had two three meter high doors made of the same material. As Rosalie and myself neared the doors, once more they opened with no aid. Revealing the shouts and screams that would normally accompanying spars and fights. It was either that or the practice was noteworthy.

The walk through the narrow hallway became far more intense that I would have believed. An air of a pressure of sorts pushed down as if testing your worthiness before entering. Beads of sweat formed above my brow as the slowly began to roll down. Rosalie was the same, yet the look on her face remained the same. Feigning strength in front of me was her way of saying that she was better than me.

Nearing the end of the hallway, a bright light illuminated my entire vision, causing me to shield my eyes until they became accustomed. And when they did it was a sight that I was not expecting.

We walked into a stadium filled with students screaming at the tops of their lungs at their sights fell on four almost perfect circular arenas that were fifty meters in diameter each. The four circles forming the four points of a square. Within each were two students with one wearing a dark blue robe that was affixed in the front by four golden tussles. The other wore a dark green robe.

Fire, water, earth, and various types of energy manipulation filled the air around the arena“s.

"We are in luck." Rosalie said with a smile on her face. "A few fifth years have challenged the Elite students." Her smile grew larger.


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