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   Chapter 9

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"Why are you so slow?" Rosalie groaned as she tried to show me around. But as everything here was new to me, of course I wanted to stop and stare at a few things.

"Calm down." I said as my gaze stayed on a class being taught magic inside the academy arena. To be honest, it looked amazing. The one thing that bothered me was the fact that only a handful of the class was actually paying attention.

The rest were huddled together chatting away as if whatever the teacher tried to say, meant nothing to them. It was a clear case of superior thinking.

I turned to see Rosalie glaring at me with her arms crossed. She looked angry. Well, angrier than earlier.

"Don“t tell me to calm down." She said calmly which frightened me more that if she shouted. "You are wasting my precious time and you don“t seem to care." She added as she promptly turned and began walking. Her lecture continued as if she expected me to follow her. "As I began to say earlier. Here at Ashford Academy, we are ranked based. The higher your rank, then the better job offer you receive when you graduate. Of course there are some exceptions whereas a person is born for a specific role and it doesn“t matter his or her rank. They would be the candidate for the job.

"Every month there are smaller tournaments that aid in raising or lowering your rank, with the final tournament at the end of the year. This tournament is the one that properly affects your rank wherein prospective employers come to watch your progress and maybe find recruits of their own.

"Since you are new, your rank will be last. Rank four thousand and forty one. Whether you try to raise it, is your concern. Just don“t expose yourself for what you really are." She added as she continued to walk further and further into the building and finally walking into an elevator.

I watched as she pressed the button that said 18 noting that there was only one more floor above it.

"I am taking you to the special floor. The floor where people with extraordinary magic and power reside. It is also my floor so I will be able to keep an eye on you." She said as if it was obvious.

"So you do have amazing abilities then." I said more to myself that anyone else. "What“s on the nineteenth floor?" I added as I cast my gaze towards her folding my arms over my chest noticing that my arms have become far bulkier that before. And by bulkier, I mean more muscled. It looked as if I was a regular weightlifter but not so overly done.

"That is the headmaster“s residence. Forbidden to all aside from personal guests." She said as she began to watch the orange display above the door that displayed the current floor number.

The elevator opened to the eighteenth floor revealing a destination that I did not expect. I was expecting a more hostel type dwelling that had separate room

de everything I felt. And then when you voiced your wish to die. Everything became clear. I felt whole for the first time because I could make sense of the confusing thoughts within my own mind. But I was too late. Far too late. She said as I leaned both my arms on the window before me above my head. My forehead pressed against the glass. The once clear sky now dark grey with heavyset rain clouds. No lightening danced around, but the thunderous echoes that should not have been present were.

So I have decided to help you in that department. Where I failed, I will ensure you do not. She said with a confident tone that still betrayed her sadness. I will ensure you are happy and taken care of. It“s the least I can do.

"You don“t have to do that." I said softly as my eyes opened with me being unsure when I closed them.

I do. She said with a chuckle. Rosalie“s quite cute, isn“t she. She ended with a laugh but the pain in her voice was present.

"She is cute." I said out loud as I lifted my head from the window. "But Rosalie is not you, Julie. She could never be you." I said pained deeply. I could never love another the same way I had loved her.

I know. But she can be better. Julie said with a pained chuckle.

"No." I said resolute. "She can“t."

Yes she can! Julie shouted within my mind making me smile knowing what needs to happen. Why are you laughing? This is not a laughing matter!

"Yes it is." I said with a laugh. "And I know what I must do."

And what is that, you neanderthal? She asked slightly angry at my approach. I wondered why she couldn“t tell what I was thinking but it didn“t matter.

"I am going to bring you back." I said as a large blast of lightening burst from the clouds and struck the earth below. Illuminating the dark sky with a bright light. The thunder enough to rattle the glass windows. A resolute gleam held within my eyes.

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