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   Chapter 8

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"What now?" I asked as I leaned back into the dark brown leather chair facing the headmasters desk. A look of defeat plastered across my face. I may have avoided her previously but losing my best friend like this was taking its toll on me.

"I have a proposition for you." The headmaster said as she leaned forward and placed her elbows on her desk. Her fingers pointing straight up as their tips connected with their corresponding digits of the other hands. She looked to be deep in thought at the moment. "Whether you choose to accept it or not, will be your choice. Just remember what awaits you in the public area if you refuse."

"So this is an ultimatum then?" I asked as I looked up and our gazes met. "Do what you ask or possibly face a life of slavery?"

"Unfortunately yes." She replied as she looked down momentarily breaking our gaze.

"If I accept, what will become of me?" I asked as decided that I would need both sides of the proposition if I was going to make my decision.

"I can only tell you the full details once you accept, but what I can tell you is the following." She said as she leaned back into her chair as if to give the situation a more ominous feeling. A choice that proved successful as I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. "There is a spell that can alter the memories of those who witnessed your presence. It won“t however stop the fact that a dragon made an appearance, but it will alter enough for them to not know it was you. However, I can only do that after you accept my proposition."

"You can do that?" I asked dumbfounded. Truthfully, I have never heard of a memory altering type of magic before. I know some have tried and always failed but never has one actually succeeded.

"I can. But it depends on you and your choice." She replied with a simple wave of her right hand.

"Fine. I“ll do it." I responded as I resigned my fate to what she had planned for me.

"That“s good to hear." The headmaster said excitedly as she got up from her chair and made her way around the left side of her desk. She manoeuvred her way to the front of her desk and leaned back, as if sitting on the edge. She placed her hands on either side of her as she gripped the desk softly. "So here is what I was offering you.

"On an island within the center of the pacific ocean, the number one academy makes its home. This island is protected by the various elements, making it one of the toughest places to get to. This is where I will be sending you. I want you to go there and make a name for yourself. Become strong. Learn to control your powers. Become the pillar that we will all rely upon.

"The reason I am doing this, is because there is a war coming. Against someone we have no information on. Other than the piece of information stating that he is one of the most powerful being that has ever existed. His name is Quin. That“s all we know of him. I need you to grow pow

bundant chest. "Are you going to waste both of our time or are you going to follow me?" She sounded angry and I had no idea why.

"Why are you angry at me?" I asked hoping for the true reason as to her agitation.

"Because I have to babysit you." She said without hesitation. "I have my own problems to deal with and now I have to ensure you don“t do something stupid and reveal yourself before the time is right." She added with a sigh as she turned to see our surroundings.

Our surroundings seemed to be that of a large sports field type enclosure with large stands lining both the left and right sides of it.

Above the left stands I could see tall buildings that seemed as if a master architect within the glass type style had designed the three buildings I was seeing.

All three were of the same height and all three reflected the sun beautifully off its glass.

I stood up slowly as I stretched my muscles ensuring that they were all functional. I then turned to Rosalie with an expectant expression on my face. I thought I would be given the grand tour of the island but instead all I got was a glare from Rosalie.

"I am not your guide." She basically shouted at me as she stomped her right foot against the ground. It was quite cute actually. "I am not cute!" She said as a soft blush crept up on her cheeks. Not realising what she meant I chuckled softly at her reaction noticing her blush grow deeper.

"Just follow me and be quiet!" She ordered as she turned to the tall buildings and began to make her way in that general direction. "You need to understand something. Your old headmaster has sent you here to get stronger, not reveal your identity. You are to be a fire user as that closely resembles what you are. You will learn how to fight and master your magic. You will learn the different politics that make up our world. And most importantly, you are no longer a Dragon but a fire user. Do I make myself clear?"

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