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   Chapter 7

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"I“m sorry, can you repeat that?" The Head Master asked with a shocked expression matching her shocked voice almost perfectly.

I don“t understand how she could have misinterpreted me. I spoke my wish quite clearly and yet she is having trouble understanding what I want.

"My wish is for you to kill me." I repeated my wish to her as I could see her face pale from my requested. I glanced out over the crowd as I wanted to see what all of them thought of my wish. All were stunned. It was as if they couldn“t understand why I wanted to die. I was one of the most powerful beings in the world and with enough training I could be the most powerful. Yet why would I want to through that all away.

"Are you sure?" The Head Master asked hoping I would change my mind. As if I would resolve myself to wanting to be dead and then all of a sudden wouldn“t mind living. What is she playing at? "This will end the Dragon race for all eternity. You are aware of that, right?" She asked making me confused slightly.

"Why are you worried about that?" I asked her as my eyes found Julie. Her tears streaming down her face and around her hands that covered her mouth. She seemed distraught. As if the decision I have made would hurt her in any way. Why would she think that? She has never thought of me as anything more than a friend to tell your deepest secrets to. A friend with no hope of a more romantic type of relationship of forming.

"You race will end. Why would you want that?" She asked, still stunned. She still had not come to terms that this is my wish and not hers to delay.

"Since when has the Supernatural community cared if Dragon“s live. There is a reason that I am the last dragon. Don“t try to redeem your actions now that only one is left. This is what the Supernatural world wants. And I may as well give it to them."

"But..." She began before she trailed off.

"But nothing." I said as calmly as I could. I lifted my gaze to the sky and watched the clouds slowly roll passed. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Even now I can appreciate the beauty this world had to offer. "I have made my wish and I expect you to see it through." I lowered my gaze and met the Head Masters light brown eyes with my own. A smile forming on my lips.

"I understand." She said as she raised her right hand.

"Head Master, you can“t!" The other judges shouted as they tried to reason with her decision. "He is the last of his race! You can“t just kill him!"

"Please see reason. We can use his strength!" Another of the judges shouted out. And there it was, the reason as to why they wanted me to live.

"You see Head Master." I told her with a chuckle as I widened my arms. "That is all I am to the Supernaturals. Someone to use. Something with no free will. I will never be accepted. You are doing me a favour at this moment." I added as I lowered my head welcoming my fate.

"He is right." The Head Master said slowly as her hand began to glow a bright yellow. She was getting ready to unleash a mini version of her most powerful spell. A condensed version of the Holy Spear of Divine Light. She was one of the few who could wield t


My soul began to pull towards my body at a faster rate. Something was sucking me in.

The pain dulled my senses as my soul was sucked back into my body forcibly.

With a sudden shock the golden light disappeared as did the pain. My eyes opened to find a white ceiling above. I was not in the arena anymore. Where the hell am I?

"You“re awake?" Came the familiar voice of the Headmaster to my right. I shifted my head to look in her direction and found myself in her office. She sat behind her clean dark oak desk with not even a piece of paper or any technology lining her desk. The couch I was on was dark red in colour and quite comfortable.

"Why am I here?" I asked with a coarse voice. My hand moved from my forehead to my throat as I softly rubbed it.

"I couldn“t risk the other students finding out." The headmaster said with a sad tone.

"Finding out about what?" I asked as I sat up and swung my legs off the couch. I lifted my gaze to the Headmaster waiting for her answer, when someone else gave one first.

What I did to save you. Julie“s voice sounded out around me. It wasn“t coming from a single location which caused me to look all around the room very quickly.

"What the- Julie?" I asked dumbfounded at not finding her anywhere in the room.

"You won“t find her here." The Headmaster said still was a sad tone within her voice.

"Why not?" I asked wanting to know what exactly she meant.

"She sacrificed herself for you. To bring you back." The Headmaster said with sullen look. What the hell did she mean?

"What?" I asked even more confused at this moment.

"The spell she used, was not something I had counted on. It was supposed to be locked deep within the country“s vault. How she knows it, I have no idea, but I will find out." She replied as she stood up and turned around. Looking out over the school through the large window.

"What did she do?" I asked with a serious tone. I wanted to know and I wanted to know now.

"She used her essence to bring you back. She inadvertently became your new heart. She is what“s keeping you alive."

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