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   Chapter 6

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"Ladies and Gentlemen." The announcer“s voice boomed over the crowd once more, but this time his voice contained even more enthusiasm than before. "We have finally come to the finals of our annual Tournament of the Magical Arts. And to everyone“s surprise, the two finalists are both first years.

"It is time to watch them fight for the ultimate prize. The wish that could grant many their dire wants. It can grant wisdom, riches, worldly needs. And many, many more. Now without further ado, let me welcome our final two contestants. Mr Bo Scaro!"

The crowd erupted in cheers as Bo walked out to the center of the arena and thrust his upward giving the audience a show. He truly knows how to capture the attention of the crowd.

"And his opponent, Mr Victor Mc“Arthur! The underdog of note." He shouted as the crowd cheers even louder for my entrance. I could see the anger in Bo“s eyes. It would seem that he does not want to be outdone by someone like me. By someone he deemed not worthy of his presence. By someone who he hates enough to torment everyday.

He watched me with the hatred clearly evident within his eyes as I tensed my muscles. This was the time to show everyone who I truly was and what I truly am. This was the time where I would gain my wish and then everything would finally be over.

I tilted my head upwards looking up at the sky wandering what I would feel like to roam free in the skies. Even with being a dragon, I was always too scared to even try. I closed my eyes and let a calm sensation wash over me.

I could feel the soft sway of a breeze as it hit my face. Before it was overridden but the intense heat of flames. It seems the match has started and Bo already covered me in flames.

I felt the clothes I was wearing burst into flames as they burnt off my body. My temperature raising with my dragon getting close to the surface. The fire meant nothing to me at this point.

I was about to give in to my dragon when I heard the evil chuckle coming from Bo. I cast my gaze downwards to look at him, noticing that the flames blotted him out.

"And you thought you could have her?" I heard him say with a low voice, he didn“t want her to overhear. "Do you think you can handle my seconds?" He chuckled once more.

My face fell as all emotion dropped from my face. Did he really just say what he did? Did he not have feelings for her at all? Is she just another girl to him? My anger began to erupt within me as my eyes began to


"Ladies and gentlemen." She began with her face void of any emotion. "We have finally concluded our annual tournament and we have our winner. A winner who apparently held a secret from everyone. The last dragon." She turned to me and I could have sworn I could see a twinkle in her eyes.

"Keeping to the tradition, I am to award this little dragon a wish. A wish that could change his life for the better or for the worse." She continued as I let my eyes scan the crowd. It didn“t take long for me to spot Julie. Using my dragon eyes I could enhance my vision. I could see a large smile adorned her face with tears rolling down her cheeks. She looked as if she was proud to know me. As if anything between us meant anything anymore.

I shifted my gaze from hers as I took a deep breath. I lost what the Headmaster was trying to say as I turned my attention back to her. She was staring at me with an expecting expression.

"Sorry, what?" I asked as I tilted my head to the side, wondering what she asked me.

"I asked if you had given any thought as to what you would like your wish to be." She elaborated further as she turned to face me.

"I have." I replied knowing that everything was finally coming to an end. After this, I don“t have to worry about anything anymore. I didn“t have to be the coward that I was. That I could have this when my own cowardice stopped me from doing so.

"And this wish will be?" She asked as excitement filled her expression. I don“t think she realized just how misplaced her excitement was. Or how this day would turn out.

I turned to her and with a pained expression I spoke my wish.

"Kill me."

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