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   Chapter 42 No. 42

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Ahmar's POV

"Now... let's talk about our deal."

"What deal?" I asked.

"Didn't you guys just agreed in the restaurant to give me what I want?"

"Yes, we did." Agreed Zaid and a wide smile spread on Miss Hira's face, which seems somewhat devilish to me.

I have a very bad feeling about it...

"I want each of you to do three things I will tell you."

"Do we look like the genie of the lamp, whom you can ask three wishes."

"If four genies can fit in one lamp than yes, you can say that."

All four of us glanced at each other before Faiq asked, "What do you want from us?"

"Should we get into the car? We can discuss the details there."

Zaid agreed and said, "Standing here seems awkward."

We all get into the car and instead of going back to home, Zaid took us to a coffee shop.

"Why are we here?" She asked, sitting beside Zaid on the front seat.

"We need to hear our tasks." Answered Zaid.

"I can tell you guys here, no need to waste our time."

"Okay, what is it?" Asked Tahir.

"Your first task is to watch a drama, which I will recommend and discuss its story to me later."

"What?" All four of us said in unison.

"Yes." She nodded.

"Miss Hira, we don't watch dramas." Said Faiq.

"Than it will be a different experience for you guys."

"What's the name of the drama?" Asked Tahir.

"Dream High, it's a Korean drama available with English subtitles."

'So she does watch K-dramas'. Mumbled Faiq sitting beside me.

"What is so special about it?" I inquired.

"You will know once you start watching. Oh, but you guys only have one week to complete it."

"We have exams to steady for." I seethed.

"Yes, I am aware. But I save your two weeks right?"

"So you want to waste one of it?" This time it was Zaid.

"... I thought you guys needed the place." She said after a pause.

A straight was of blackmailing us...

"Send us the links after reaching home, we will start from tonight." Faiq said hastily.

I guess we have no other option...

"Sure, will do it." She beamed a smile and Zaid start the car again with a confused expression on his face.

You aren't the only one who is perplexed bro!

I inhaled a deep breath and start looking out of the window.



Since I came back home, my mind was repeating the question again and again that my offer is enough for them? Motivating them for not giving up on you dream by suggesting them a drama and providing a place for was the only thing I can do. It is true that I sympathise with them for being forced around by their families and wanted to help them out but I couldn't shake off the feeling that something more should be done.

But what?

That was the main point.

I still remember Saba's Mehandi event and the boys' performance. The look on their faces was priceless, their voices were full of life and happiness was radiant from their eyes. At that moment something came in my mind and unintentionally I prayed for them and since then until now I alw

e. Which was quite rare but whenever I saw this blush on her face my heart starts racing.

I might not know the exact meaning of that look but I have a very pleasant feeling watching her red cheeks and it always made me think if I am good enough to leave an impression on a girl like Hira?

Lost in my own muddled thoughts I made my way to the porch of the house. She was seated in a carefree way near a small coffee table, wearing a dark green cotton dress with a black dupatta covering her chest and a loose bun which tied her brown hairs. I was awestruck by the sight, never thought will see something like this in my house and this simple view will be this enchanting. I wanted to stand there and watch her a little longer but on remembering that she has a job tomorrow, I quickly cover the distance between us.

"Yes, my darling teacher. What you wanted to talk about?" I asked sitting on a chair next to her.

"Darling teacher?" She asked with a surprised look.

"Yes. Dear teacher is quite common. Therefore, from now you are my darling teacher."

"Don't." She gave me a straight look.

"Darling." I smiled to tease her and she barely held herself back from firing back something on me.

"We will talk about this late, for just listen to me."

"I am all ears." I said leaning back against my chair. Besides, what man in his right mind wouldn't want to chat a young woman at this time of night.

"Hero, you asked me for suggestions regarding Uncle and Auntie's wedding anniversary. Right?"

"Yes." I nodded.

"I have a plan but I am going to tell you only on one condition."

"What condition?"

"That you will not make any fuss and won't reject after hearing it out."

"What kind of condition is this?"

"Agreed or not? I am not here to discuss the type of my condition."

"Okay fine, I agree to your condition."

A satisfied smiled spread on he face and then she told me something I could never imagine. Leaving me with no other option but to do whatever she said.

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