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   Chapter 40 No. 40

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Hira's POV:

"WHAT THE HELL, AHMAR." Zulqarnain shouted in irritation and his loud voice made me flinch yet Ahmar on the other hand, snickered on it.

He turned around trying to suppress his smile but startled the moment his eyes settled on me. As if he completely forgot my presence behind him.


"Hm?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Din-ner." He left my dupatta with a jerk and rushed to the dining room.

A smile appeared on my face watching his panic state and for some reason, I found it really cute.

"Why are you smiling?" Came Zulqarnain's voice from behind.

"Am I not allowed to smile?"

"Whatever." He said in a bitter tone.

"Why are you in such a bad mood?"

"Is there even a need to ask?"

"Yes, because I don't know."

"Then there is no need for you to know." He said going back towards the drawing-room.

"Ary, where are you going? Dinner is ready."

"Then go already, your precious student must be waiting for you."

"What? My precious?"

But instead of answering me he went inside the room and I quickly followed him.

"Hero, don't tell me that you are sulking?"

"I am not." He suddenly turned around coming face to face with me.

"That's good, so let's eat. Right?" I carefully took a step back, so he won't notice but unfortunately, he did and let out a dejected sigh.

"It would've been better if I were your student too." He mumbled grabbing the script from the sofa.


"Noting. Come, everyone must be waiting for us." He said leaving the room first.

Why he seems so irritated...


Ahmar's POV:

"What?" My head snapped towards Tahir when he said he will be coming to my house every day till exams.

"Yes, Miss Hira was generous enough to agree in helping me in studies." His tone sounds like a mocking to me.

"Did she really?" Asked Zaid.

"Yes, if you don't believe you can ask by yourself."

"No need. She has a habit of getting herself into trouble." I shook my head.

"You know me well, my friend." He said faking an evil laugh.

"Which time will you be going?" Faiq asked sitting beside me.

"Daily after college."

"I am asking about timings, you idiot."

"I will go with her."

"What do you mean by going with her?" I abruptly asked.

"Oh, right. I haven't told you. Actually I will be bringing my car from now on. So you are free to leave whenever you like... or whomever you like." The way he ends the sentence irked me a bit.

"Is it just me of this guy is getting too clingy to Miss Hira?" Asked Faiq looking at us while pointing his thumb towards Tahir.

"He is." Answered Zaid typing something on his phone.

"What? I like her yar. She is sweet and helpful, plus there is nothing much I can do. Her life is quite pitiful." He shrugged.

"And how her life is pitiful? And how come we are not aware of it?" I threw a question at him.

"Come on yar, how you guys can be so dense. She lives in your house right?" He continued as he stared into my eyes, "And she lives alone, no parents, no s

. Nor we get rebellious like we are now."


"Why are you staring at me like that?" He chuckled.

"...This is the first time I have met this Tahir."

He smiled and stretched out his hand to me, "It's a pleasure to meet you too Ms. Hira."

I smiled back and shook his hand. A hand of a troubled teenager who is forced to follow the path which adults decide for him. Suppressing his interests and ambitions and burdened by his own wishes.

After studying one more hour Tahir left, giving me an uneasy feeling. I was saddened that they have to let go of their dream of becoming musicians to fulfill the duty imposed by their family. But he also left me questioning myself about being 'lucky'.

I always pitied myself for not having siblings and losing Ami at an early age and then Baba but was never thankful for the blessing I was given. If Baba also forced me to take a profession of his likeness, I would've been suppressing my own feelings like these kids. I was always so engrossed in my loss, always seeing my life with the glasses of tragedy and didn't see that I am not the only one who has hardship in life. Everyone is fighting their own fight and some souls like such kids are so small that they can't even put up any resistance and fated to be carried away by the circumstances of life.

A person is a unit of society and a person alone has the power to create a change in society. Now I can what my teacher tried to tell us. Even if one of these kids are allowed to choose the profession they want, there is always a possibility that they will do something remarkable because their driven force will be their passion. They might able to make a change but if their driven force is the responsibility, will they be motivated to do the same thing?

If only, their parents or one of the parents stood up with their dream, their whole life will be change and this trend of supporting the wish of a child will easily be carried to the next generation.


I sighed and went to bed.

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