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   Chapter 38 No. 38

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Hira's POV:

Despite the mild fever I unexpectedly feel fresh today. After falling into the pool, all the memories of yesterday are a blur and for some reason, I don't feel like recalling them. Pondering over the past never leave a pleasant impression on me.

Start the day with positive thoughts!

Looking at my reflection in the bathroom's mirror, I remind myself and entered the bedroom. As I was making my way to the wardrobe I heard hushed voices coming just outside my door. Alerted I stepped near the door and place my ear on it. There were two males talking to each other and to my surprise, they were none other than Zulqarnain and Ahmar.

What they are doing in front of my door?

The question instantly raised in my mind but instead of opening the door and inquiring to the subjects directly, I remain stood silently.

"She left already?" I heard Zulqarnain's surprised voice.

"Yes. The examinations are near so the workload has increased." Answered Ahmar in a calm voice.

What workload???

"I didn't know that."

"Of course you won't. A busy person like you will never have time for people around him."

"It's not like that."

"It has always been like that. Anyways, it's better to call her instead of spending your whole day in front of her door waiting." With that, I hear footsteps going far. As someone has left the place. Soon another pair of steps followed the first one and now there was complete silence.

Why Ahmar lied to Zulqarnain?

What would happen if he found me leaving the house???

This thought disturbed me a little. Zulqarnain has finally started to step towards Ahmar and he will be disappointed if he found out that his brother was lying to him.

Praying silently I came downstairs, hoping that I don't run into Zulqarnain. But my worry vanished when I was told that he had already left for a jog. I quickly ate breakfast and rushed for the bus stop. Luckily I managed to dodge Ahmar today. It's not that I dislike his company, it's just I don't want to be spoiled by anyone. Because sooner or later I will be on my own. Hero, Ahmar their family or even my friends, no one going to stay in my life forever. I don't want to be habitual to their presence.


Standing on the bus stop, I once again looked around and didn't find any other soul. Well, it wasn't new, rich people like Zulqarnain don't need public transports. Perhaps that's why there is only one bus came here, carrying most of the workers of the neighboring houses.

Going by public transport after so long feel a bit strange. I guess I have gotten used to traveling in Ahmar's car.

And this is not good!

The whispers in college are getting louder day by day and I am sure that one day the staff, as well as the students, will ask me on my face. I don't know if I would be able to tell them the truth. I didn't even tell Mashal who is the closest to me.

I glanced at the wristwatch to check the time and on looking up I find an extremely familiar car racing towards my direction.


"Why the hell you run off to?" He gets off of the car and shouted marching towards me.

"I thought you were sleeping. So I leave on my own." I answered calmly.

"Did you ask someone if I were awake or not?"

"...We ... can continue our chit chat in the car too." Instead of answering him, I went to his car and settled myself on the front car seat.

There wasn't a point arguing him since he probably was aware that I am lying.

"It is settled that I will take you to college then why did you leave by yourself?"

As expected he throws the question as soon as he gets inside the car.

"Oh! looks like it's going to rain soon." I said looking at the sky through the window. Once again completely igno

avert them. An awkward silence hung between us, those thousand things I thought to talk to her wasn't able to come to my mouth. It is same as usual, whenever she around, focusing all her attention to me, my mind stopped working. I don't remember how I was able to share so many things before we have met. What has changed? She is the same Hira and I am the same Zulqarnain then what is this strange barrier I feel? Why can't things go back to normal as they were before?

"Hero!... quite spacing out. Your tea will get cold." She almost scolded me.

"Oh! Right. Sorry." I quickly grabbed my cup.

This is what has changed!


Ahmar's POV:

"Take that tea to Hira. She is on the lawn." I was taking the water bottle from the refrigerator when I heard Ami ordering a maid.

Were she expecting any guest???

It's rare!

She has been living here for quite some time but not even once I have heard about someone visiting her or she has gone to meed any relatives. She only went to meet her friend Saba, who got married to their mutual friend. I wonder what kind of relatives she had. They havent tried to find her or contact her. Or maybe be she is hiding from them.

But it doesn't look like!

I never find her reluctant to go somewhere, that someone might see her.

Oh well! Who cares.

"Ahmar, would you like some tea too?" Asked Ami as soon as she saw me approaching her.

"No, I am fine." I said sitting near her, "Who is with Miss Hira? And why are they sitting in Lawn?"

"At least call her Hira Baji (elder sister) at home."

"She is not my sister, so I will not call her 'Baji'."

"I don't understand your logic." Ami shook her head disapprovingly.

"Leave my logic for time being and asked her to bring her guests in drawing-room."

"She is with Zulqarnain and he said they will have tea outside."

He came unexpectedly early today!

My eyes moved to the clock hung on the opposite wall.

"Then why didn't you joined them? Spending time out once in a while is good for health."

"I spend more than a hald hour outside daily with your father. So you don't have to worry about it. Besides, let them be together alone for awhile. Friends have many things to share with each other."

"Hm!" With that, I got up.

"Where are you going?"

"Back to my room." I answered leaving the living room.

'Hey! I will be an hour late. Something came up.' I texted in the group of our four friends.

For some reason, I suddenly want to be alone.


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