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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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Ahmar's POV:

Anger and concern ruined our mood completely. All four of silently stood near the snooker table busy in our phones instead of playing. After changing into Ami's clothes Faiq served coffee to Miss Hira. I waited for him outside the room, I didn't want my brother and his guest to approach her right now. Time passed, but Faiq didn't return, so I entered the room in irritation.

"What are you doing? I was waiting for you outside." I didn't hide my annoyance when I saw him comfortably sitting on a corner of the bed.

"Making sure that she drinks it. Come on have a seat."

Glancing at Miss Hira who was curled up into the blanket on the other corner of the bed, I sat beside Faiq.

"You don't have to watch over me. I will drink it." She said holding the coffee cup with her both hands.

"How did you fall?" She halted for a moment when Faiq threw this question at her.

"I stumbled upon my feet... Kindly don't embarrass me by asking it again." She continued after taking a small sip from coffee,"Anyways, how is Zaid? He isn't cold is he?"

Why don't you concern about yourself? He isn't the one with a fever...

"I need to thank him. Where is he?"

"He is taking a shower and you can thank him later. Stay here for a while." I said and she nodded.

"Okay then, I will go and check Zaid. Ahmar, stay here with Miss Hira."

"What?" My head snapped towards him.

"She might need something."

"No it's alright, I will manage." She said abruptly.

"Stay." He said making eye contact with me.


Hira's POV:

"Why you always get yourself into such mess?" His tone was unusually aggressive but I completely ignored him and his question as well.

I don't want to engage myself in an argument right now and especially with him. He has the tendency of driving me to the point where I might accidentally spill the truth. Even though he has already guessed what had happened, I still don't want to say anything.

So much for a nice picnic...

A sigh left my mouth unintentionally.

"Why you sighed like that?"


"Do I need your permission for this?" The frown on his forehead deepened.

"Listen, people don't realize your problems unless you told them." He said in the same annoyed tone.

"Thanks for your concern but I don't like to bother others with my problems. I can handle things on my own."

"Then why trying to stuck your leg in our family matters?" He said as he sat beside me and put a pillow on his lap.

"Excuse me?"

"If I am younger than you doesn't mean that I cannot see what you are up to."

"...What am I up to?"

"Don't pretend to be innocent. You know what I am talking about."

"I honestly don't have any idea what are you talking about."

"Since you arrived at our house, you are continuously trying to fix my relationship with my brother. If it isn't meddling then what is it?"


I smiled, trying to fight the dizziness I feel. Perhaps my fever has increased. Bringing my knees to my chest I rested my both arms on them and buried my head in them.

"If it seems that I am interfering in your family matter then I am truly sorry. I never thought of it like that... All I want is my frien

k to me,"There is no winging from you."

"What were you saying?"

"Nothing particular, I was just wondering. Why your brother and his friends are so possessive of her."

"Possessive? Who? Ahmar?"

"Not just Ahmar, all four of them."

"That's funny, I don't get from where you get the idea because they don't get along at all."

And their concern was surprised for me too!

"Oh really? Then why they didn't let you meet her and why they accused you of pushing her into the pool. I know you could never do such a thing."

Not even in my dreams...

"But on the second thought, she might have said this to them. Or else there is no way Ahmar would accuse you."

"Are you talking about Hira? She can't say this." I shook my head.

Even if I really pushed her, she would take her revenge on me instead of telling anyone.

"How can you be so sure?"

Because I know her...

"Nothing, forget it." A smile spread on my face.

Although I really don't understand what made them think that I would do something ridiculous like throwing my own friend into the water when I know she is already suffering from fever and above all, she is a woman. I know my limits of friendship, even if I play pranks on her they will never go to this extent.


Ahmar's POV:

I kept tossing and turning from past few hours but sleep was nowhere near my eyes. The house was silent, means everyone has fallen into a deep sleep. Everyone, except me. And why I am awake? I don't know the answer.

'Chase after your dreams and make them come true...'

I can't shake off the words she said to me. Her words were new to me. To do what I want to do and not to follow the path laid before me by others.

I wonder if her fever goes down a bit...

The thought crossed my mind once again.

'I would be proud of you guys once you will achieve your goals... And I will happily tell the world'

For a moment she sounded like Ami, holding the same hope in her dizzy low voice.

'Chase after your dreams...'

Her voice kept ringing in my ears and for the first time in my life, I questioned myself.

What is my dream? Or what I yearn for?

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